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MacBook replacement battery: What's your experience with non-Apple batteries?

Asked by kevbo (23355 points ) October 29th, 2009

I bought what I thought was an Apple OEM battery only to find out it’s Mayday Tech. I’m going to contact the company’s customer service department to complain, but I’m wondering if this battery is going to be good enough and whether I should just let it go. Any perspectives?

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personally I would want a legit one, but I’ve never had to replace a mac battery so I couldn’t say

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I bought a Mayday Tech Dell battery, and while it worked, it didn’t seem to hold the same charge as the original. If the price was low enough, you might want to keep it as a spare, if not, you should probably send it back for a refund and get an official Mac battery.

You might also want to go back to the page where you bought it from. A lot of times they say that it is a Non-OEM battery, but it is often not seen because the batteries look so similar to the official ones.

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I had a non-Apple battery for my old MacBook. It seemed to work just fine, the only flaw was that it didn’t site flush to the bottom like it should have. If I ever get another battery for my new MacBook I’ll probably stick with an Apple battery.

BTW: I forget who made the batter I bought.

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Yeah, it’s a Mayday Tech also. It’s really annoying because the page says “New Apple Battery.” There’s nothing that says non-OEM.

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I’ve had mixed results with replacement batteries for my powerbook g4. I got on first name basis with the vendor of the one I bought on ebay, I bought another from a site that specialized in Mac batteries and (knock wood) haven’t had problems with that one for several years. When I bought this Macbook I bought an extra battery right out the chute and haven’t used battery #2 except for maintenance charging and testing to make sure it’s staying up to snuff for when it needs to step in.

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I knowingly bought a non-OEM battery from ebay for about half-price. It works fine, though I think its lifespan may be more like 75% of my old Apple one (just guessing here). For the price, I think it’s worth it.

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Yeah, this is ridiculous. I tried to buy an OEM from a vendor on and now they’re e-mailing me and saying they don’t have it in stock (my third attempt). So I’m just going to keep my Mayday Tech and call it a day.

@ben, thanks for the testimonial.

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