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What are the laws for the State of MN and the City of Minneapolis regarding the use of non-lethal self defence weapons?

Asked by sunya13 (169 points ) November 1st, 2009

what types of weapons are legal?

to what ages?

in what circumstances?

the reason i ask is for my littler sister and her friends…they are reaching pre-teen age ad are starting wander farther than just neighborhood….i want them to be safe

thanks for the help everyone

Namaste’ ~ Sunya

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You can definitely own a stun gun in MN: and

You will probably be ok to use the weapons this MN-based and registered company sells (which includes mace, stun guns, etc.):

As for age, I’ll check the penal code but you can buy pepper spray at the checkout of Sports Chalet her in CA and I don’t know whether you need to be 18 or not. I wouldn’t hesitate to give my little sister pepper spray for her protection if I was confident she could use it safely and in the appropriate circumstances.

Non-lethal weapon that’s totally safe and legal for all ages = rape whistle?

EDIT: The local YMCA (or maybe YWCA) here offers free self-defense classes for women. That might be an interesting option if she/they are willing to attend.

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This company is IN Minneapolis, they should be able to answer city ordinance issues regarding items/age/use better than I:

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I’d call your county sheriff or city police station for the answer.

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weapons of any sort will only make any potential rapist more aggravated, more violent and increase the probability of death.

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@nzigler thank you very much these definetly helped….

but i will also talk to the police at the station down lake street…don’t know why such an obvious answer didn’t come to me so thank you also @Psychedelic_Zebra

@ragingloli…good point, but what then to you expect me to do…her two best friends are trained in karate, and she (my sister) is trained in Psi Chi Ku

but to be fair they are only brown belts

the weapon is a last resort, but one i’d like them to have if needed

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A large part of there martial arts classes should have included how to keep themselves out of bad situations. So you at least have somwhere to start.

I would not issue a tazer to a pre-teen. Any weapon can be turned around on the user and can sometimes make things worse.

There are some compaines that make high output audio alarms like this: (not recommending this site, first google search)

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yeah wasn’t thinking tazer either…thanks i’ll look into these

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