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As what age should you stop buying Christmas gifts for your nieces and nephews?

Asked by Jude (31966 points ) November 29th, 2009

I have two nephews, 15 and 17, and I’m not sure what to do here.

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If you still want to get them something (not really your question), I would suggest an ITUNES gift card for 15 and 17 year old boys.

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young people are all suckers for video games. find out what they want, covertly, and get them that.

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20 yrs old… ish. Do you see them at Xmas?

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I second gift cards at that age, or cash. As for when you stop, that depends on how fond you are of them, and if they remember to send you a thank you note.

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@nzigler I do see them at Christmas. And, I’m thinking, yes, I should get them something.

They’re both into gaming. The oldest loves to read, loves shows like Criminal Mind, and plays guitar. The youngest is a bit more active, likes books, and plays drums.

I think that they both do XBox live thing. So, I might get them something to do with that, or gift cards from one of those gaming places.


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Our family doesn’t really get into giving gifts. My two brothers and families meet each other back in our home state, all go out for dinner together, and then spend the night in a hotel with a common area for all of us to sit all night talking and catching up. Our kids are all in their 20’s now, and we’ve been doing this for about six years. Before that, we’d go to our mom’s house, but she passed away, and even then, we didn’t get each other gifts. Just for our own kids to open at Grandma’s house, and then us adult kids would all go in on something for mom. On my husband’s side, we’re now doing the same thing, but we all live within 30 minutes of each other and see each other a lot more often. We just all talked and decided we really didn’t care about the presents for each other, but we do have a good time when we get together.

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My husband’s family pretty much decided to stop giving to nieces and nephews at age 18.

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We’ll probably always get something for our niece, as long as she still sees us for holidays. I don’t see us ever stopping, even when she’s older and married.

In my family, my closest aunt says they won’t be getting us anything, but they still do. It’s usually something quite small but still a gift. They said they’d stop around 19.

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Yes, age 18 is our limit as well.

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Get over with it right now.
Tell them this is going to be their last Christmas with gifts.

And, end it.

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In my family at age 13 they stop getting gifts from aunts and uncles and get put into the adult gift exchange where we put names in a hat and everyone picks one.

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You can never go wrong with cash. Once they hit 18, token gifts are acceptable. That would be something that you might classify as a stocking stuffer that isn’t that expensive, but is potentially useful.

The thing is, if you’ve got the means to do it, the time to stop is when they graduate college. You can stop before then if you need to, but a little extra cash through college (and make sure they know its because they’re in college and they get nada if they’re not) is very, very helpful. Even 10 bucks can mean something when they’re looking at the hole in their finances after buying gifts for the people they had to. :)

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My sons are 15 and 17 and they would love Xbox Microsoft Points cards. You really can’t go wrong with gaming or music gift cards at this age.

If it is something that you want to do I don’t see why you need to quit giving them presents at a certain age. If you feel obligated because they are family I would quit once they are out of high school and considered adults.

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I don’t think there’s an age when you “should” stop buying Christmas gifts for people based on genealogical label. I think it depends entirely on your relationship with the person.

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what @MacBean said, keep getting gifts for them till your 99 years old haha,

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I stopped when I was 17.

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Well, I’m 21 (almost 22) and my uncles and aunts still get me gifts. I get one for them, too. I don’t understand why you would just stop giving them gifts. I don’t think there’s a cut off age where it’s like, “Ok, that’s it. No more gifts for you.”

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I always get gift cards (usually Amazon) from my aunts and uncles. It’s just easier that way. Especially at this age when there are less things to get me and they don’t know me that well.

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I would say age 18 is the limit. However if they don’t show any gratitude possibly sooner, that is up to you personally and also your budget (it’s not about the gratitude per say but I could see some justification in that). After age 18 I would transition to Christmas Cards (perhaps with a family picture included).

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It depends on how close you are to them. I usually just send cards to my nieces and nephews. Only my own children and grandchildren receive actual gifts.

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@YARNLADY Very true. My mother has six siblings and only one consistently gave me gifts (my mother’s twin, we live close by). I think with how much smaller families are nowadays, I only have one brother and my husband only has two sisters, it’s easier to keep up with the nieces and nephews…unless they go all Duggar and then you’re screwed. lol

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I think you need to ask yourself ” Do I want to buy presents for these boys (or anyone for that matter)?” To my mind a gift is not a gift unless freely given.

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Depends on your relationship.

I think deciding to cut off gift giving to anyone because of some arbitrary age is, frankly, ridiculous.

If you’re close to them (and vice versa) and you see them for the holidays, you get them something.

My niece and nephew are 26 and 28 respectively – they spend every Christmas with us – we’re close year ‘round – they get gifts. I don’t see how age has anything to do with it.

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I have bought each smaller family unit within the whole family a gift over the years. I can’t afford gifts for 30+ children.

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@aprilsimnel That’s what we are going to have to start doing (in the future because we can’t afford it this year). What types of gifts do you get ??

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Board games. Food baskets. Videos of films they can all watch. That sort of thing. I will probably get a break this year from any gift buying because I’m unemployed.

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@aprilsimnel Thanx, just nice to have some additional ideas :)

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IMHO When you stop believing in Santa, time to get in the adult exchange.

I have 12 nieces and nephews, and now one has a spouse with a child…PLUS 3 brother in laws & their wives, and parents in law, oh and don’t forget the MIL’s housekeeper who’s like a member of her family who also gets/expects gifts.

Gotta draw the line – cards, cookies, but gifts – I sure can’t afford it.

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I think when they hold a job and can buy pretty much what they want or when they graduate from high school. Whichever comes first.

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