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Do you take advantage of Cyber Monday?

Asked by erichw1504 (26309 points ) November 30th, 2009

Cyber Monday is today. Is anyone going crazy with the internet shopping? Or do you not purchase gifts online? How are the deals this year? Do you think this trend will grow even more than it has from last year?

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I have yet to come across a deal that really seemed that good to me. Same thing with Black Friday sales. I can usually find better deals when I’m not looking for them.

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Am I the only one who sees these sales as ploys to get people to buy more crap they don’t need?

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No. A lot of the components in the computers sold at deep discounts now are a couple of years out of date, so I’m not interested in getting them.

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I don’t have the extra money right now for any shopping.

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I actually didn’t know, if I did my creditcard would have been maxed out by now. Day’s at an and on this side of the planet ;-)

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I got some socks and a purse. Despite the sound of that sentence, I’m actually very excited!

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I’m not a big shopper (didn’t do Black Friday), but Borders and Amazon are offering me some pretty crazy deals for Cyber Monday. I see many books in my future.

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I went out on Black Friday and wasn’t at all impressed with the “deals” that any of the stores had. I’ve seen better deals on normal shopping days. I don’t get it…

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@ItalianPrincess1217 because its usually a scam.

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Cyber Monday, Black monday or Black Friday.

Total joke and a embarrassment to society. I can not believe anyone goes chasing after such an apparent marketing ploy.

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I went to black friday. its fun to spend the day with friends, and have an excuse for it . i didnt buy anything big then, and im not buying anything now =)

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My husband spent all his Giftmas money online last week. He found out that there were some great deals on the stuff he’s been wanting for the last six months or so. He always adds our things to a ‘buy’ list when we want them, and when the price is right – he buys.

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i have no money, not even enough to buy some mayo or a grammatically correct sentence.

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I’m supposed to cyber someone today?
What if my wife finds out?

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@filmfann: So I didn’t realize today was (Cyber) Monday until I read this answer. Even though it says so in the question. Guess I’m on my way to Amazon.

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I’m waiting for the sales at VS tomorrow. I have tons of coupons I’ve been saving.

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I have been shopping on line for over 10 years. I buy something $10 or less for my closest co-workers, done scentrd candles, 4-piece Sees candy boxes, mini nut bags, 2 piece Cheryl’s cookie boxes etc. This is my last year at work so I went to Heifer,com. I bought a sheep and am giving the people in my dept “A share of a sheep” For my supervisor who is into bees. I am donating a hive of bees. For the guys next I am donating baby ducks and for the secretaries a share of a mixed flock.

For my family members, I order food gift ie Harry and Davids, Heffernan;s muffinf, Sunnyside Farm nuts, cakes (not fruit cakes) candy or cookies.

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Ok, I’ll be one of the very few that says that Black Friday and Cyber Monday ISN’T such a bad thing. For one thing, I am a person that follows a list like others follow directions on a map. I make my list the evening before, and I only buy those things, or if I do happen to find something else that’s a good deal, I will buy it. I don’t buy anything else that the store or the ads try to lure me into. I’m the same way with grocery shopping. I make a menu and buy those things. If it’s not on my list, and I don’t need it, it won’t be in the shopping cart. I have needed milk before, but forgot to put it on the list, and I’ve come home without it. Yes, I’m very list oriented. Needless to say, Cyber Monday is the same thing. If I need it and it’s a good deal, I’ll get it, but otherwise, no. That all being said, my husband has been out of a job since March, and the severence just recently ran out, so no shopping this year.

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I haven’t been a cyber-Monday shopper since Best Buy couldn’t deliver gifts I bought BEFORE Thanksgiving in time for Christmas.

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@MrBr00ks, congratulations. That was a grammatically correct sentence, and it was free, just like all the other truly great things in life.

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I never shop online. We cut up our credit cards and only pay cash for what we can afford. I went to KMart the week before Thanksgiving and put presents on layaway for my daughter. I will buy presents for my sons as soon as I have money for that.

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@jonsblond, I don’t use credit cards either. I use my debit card for any purchases, online or other. I wish more stores would go back to the lay away idea. I used to use that all the time when my kids were little. We used to have a Kmart, but it closed several years ago.

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