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Does eating vaseline help you live longer?

Asked by yagoogaly (4 points ) December 13th, 2009

Supposedly, the inventor of Vaseline would eat a spoonful of it everyday of his life. He claimed that this contributed to his 101 year lifespan. Is there any truth to this claim? Have any scientific studies been done to prove this?

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Vaseline is made from petroleum products. I’d say, definitely no.

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Being a petroleum product I would imagine that it would shorten it. Plus think of the extreme case of diarrhea you’re likely to get.

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Perhaps it could if you suffer from chronic constipation.

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It could help with hairballs, but can’t see much good for anything else.

But olive oil is much healthier for both felines and humans. As has been pointed out, Vaseline has the same original source as gasoline. Both are petroleum derivatives. Yukkkk

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Not at all. Avoiding all petrolatum products probably will though.

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surely this cannot be true..if it is, well im not doing it lol.. imagine what that would do to your insides.. noooo… :O)

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I don’t think that’s a good idea. Vaseline is meant for external use.

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It will sure make you regular.

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I think I’d puke before I could even get the Vaseline down. Bleah!

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No, eating petroleum products (or using petroleum products in any way) does not help you live longer.

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It just makes you feel that you are living longer.

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What??? I’ve never heard of this before. Gross, gross & gross!!!

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I’d of thought not but I have to say I have never

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Did he have a teaspoon or a tablespoon of Vaseline everyday? The difference could mean life or death.

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I would think that because it is petroleum based, it would not have any health benefit, although I guess it could keep you regular. Never heard of eating the stuff though.

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No, vaseline is a petroleum product. Somehow I doubt that it would make you live longer. Also, I’ve heard that it gives you the runs.

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The guy who invented Vaseline had a tablespoon every day. He’s just lucky he lived a long time. Oil like that (mineral oil, too) coats your intestines and disrupts the healthy bacteria that you need for good digestion.

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I saw a guy on TV who attributed his health to his habit of drinking his own urine daily. There are all kinds of people with interesting ideas like that. But I’ll stick to coffee, thanks.

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No, but it’ll make you loose as a goose.

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