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How long do you think you could survive being homeless?

Asked by Raine (330 points ) December 13th, 2009

Let’s say something BIG happened and you suddenly find yourself living on the street. How long can you last? Be reasonable.

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I would not live on the street. At the very least I would work at McDonald’s or whatever odd jobs I could find for a few weeks to save up enough money to leave the United States and go live in a poorer country that has more respect for the weak. I would not wait around to get pissed on.

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I think I would survive as long as I needed to. In fact, I often consider taking a vow of poverty and living homeless for a few years, just to give me that perspective. Of course, I probably never will and it’s usually when I want to run from my problems that the thought crosses my mind.

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I couldn’t. I give it up to homeless people cause I wouldn’t survive.

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One hour, unless I could find free internet somewhere, then I could make all my money back in a couple days.. lol

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Well I guess technically I could go a couple of weeks without food but being in the cold and out on streets where people could hurt me probably not very long. A few months perhaps? That is considering I could find food to eat.

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It would probably depend on what kind of climate I lived in. If I had to live in upstate NY (where I am now), I probably wouldn’t last long at all. The cold would do me in.

I think I would try to seek out a homeless shelter, but from what I hear from my patients, some are really not safe at all. It would be a bad situation.

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I survived for quite a while. It’s not pretty, but humans have an amazing capacity to adjust and find a way to continue on.

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I fear that I am one event (illness, auto-repair) away from homelessness. I don’t know what I would do. I should really check to see what is offered locally. Winter is long, and cold.

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I was homeless for about 3–4 weeks this summer. It’s not desirable.

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I would kill myself before I lived on the street. I don’t think I would last very long on the street. I don’t know how people do it. And I don’t know why more of them don’t kill themselves. Maybe many do. It would make sense.

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I could survive my entire life if I had to. I’ve been there.

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I made it a few months. I was actually working at the time and had money. But I didn’t have First, Last, and security deposit. And my credit was shit. It was hard enough to make it to the job I had. I can’t imagine trying to find one under those circumstances.

Here is a word of advice. McDonalds doesn’t hire everyone that walks in.

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@johnpowell Exactly. Where I was I would have needed around a thousand dollars just for the deposit on a crap apartment in a dangerous neighborhood. It was safer at the shelter- and that says a lot.

Another hiring tip- if you are overqualified they won’t hire you either.

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Not long at all, assuming this means I have no money. I think I am pretty resourceful and resilient, and I read all the questions on here a few months ago about surviving homelessness. But I take too many daily prescriptions for conditions that would probably do me in rather quickly if I didn’t have them.

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Not long at all, to be honest. Not something I’ve ever even come close to experiencing; I would have no idea what to do.

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where i live is different.there is no “street” the homeless here live in the woods.they have camps and little communities.i could go awhile like that i think.

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I hope I never have to find out, but my survival instinct is pretty strong. I like to think I would last as long as it took to get back on my feet.

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Almost two years, friends saved my life in soo many ways I still cannot fully repay them

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Two days or long enough too call my dad or mom too come get me.

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I could survive my whole life like that, i would just head on out to the woods.

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