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Does anybody know any really funny song interpretations on YouTube? (Or just any funny YouTube video)

Asked by LeopardGecko (1232 points ) December 23rd, 2009

I’m in the mood for them. I just stumbled across Soulja Boy’s interpretations and it was great: .

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This is a pretty funny interpretation N. Imbruglias “Torn”

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I hope you enjoy this one. This was a group of people in an office that did this for the hell of it.

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OK, this one made the rounds of the web a couple years ago…

Hurra Torpedo’s cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

Turn around, bright eyes!

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Well, if you like seeing stupid people re-enacting famous video games in public, here’s some videos you can watch by the user (Mega64):
They’re super hilarious and idiotic!

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Joe Cocker singing With A Little Help From My Friends , showing the often misunderstood lyrics. Hysterical.

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here is one of the all favorites

Indian Thriller

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@Mat74UK Weird Al is an undiscovered genius. I went to a concert a few years ago. Hilarious.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with music, but it’s still great:

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Here is a better-lit and filmed version of Snowball, the Cockatoo, dancing to The BackStreet Boys (Another One Bites the Dust). Snowball takes an A+ curtain call at the end even though his trapped audience is apathetic.

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@therookie – Now that just messed me up! LOL!!

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@gailcalled Um, gail… That’s not the BackStreet Boys. That’s Queen.

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I’m just passing on what Snowball told me, but I’m sure you’re correct.

Here are The Backstreet boys; Snowball likes Queen better.

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@filmfann – that was GREAT!
@gailcalled – I laughed very hard at that!!

I like this. It’s not amateur but it’s funny.

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@filmfann – Now that’s what I call funny!

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I am sorry , I guess you have not seen Benny Lava then??

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@Mat74UK lmao at the “f***ing noobs” part xD
omg that was funny: “Mom! Can you make mea sandwich?!” hahaha thanks man

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@therookie – That is just wack! lol!

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