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What is the effect of having lots of people in your personal Fluther?

Asked by ETpro (34355 points ) December 28th, 2009

Does adding people to your Fluther change your interaction here. If so, how does it affect the user interface and interaction?

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On the main page, look at the tab labeled “Your Fluther;” clicking that will reveal all discussions and questions initiated by those whom you’ve added to your Fluther. Also, questions you ask will appear in their tab when they click on their “Your Fluther.”

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What @sndfreQ said. And it makes it easy to see a link to leave a comment for a person if they are in your Fluther.

Like if I wanted to send a PM to sndfreQ I can simple look on my user page and find a link. This is helpful since I doubt I could spell his name properly from memory.

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@sndfreQ & @johnpowell Thanks so much. I appreciate the insights into how to better use the site’s navigation tools.

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And if you have chosen the option to show your history of questions and answers only to people in your fluther, that view is restricted to them.

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@Jeruba Humm. I don’t think I would want to do that. I’d miss som much interesting interaction with people I don’t yet know. Meeting new people and hearing their new ways of looking at things is the joy in being here to me.

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Sorry, I think I was unclear. There’s no restriction on viewing open threads. But when you click on someone’s profile you can see that person’s entire history of past questions and answers—unless they have clicked the option to show their history only to their fluther.

Some months back, when the Q&A history capability was added to people’s profiles, some of us felt that it gathered too much information in one place for easy correlation. It felt too exposed. Others had no such concern. The compromise is that you can, if you want, limit that view of your own history only to those who are in your fluther. But anyone can still see all the posts in any thread.

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@Jeruba Aha! Thanks for the history of it. I guess I am in the leave-it-open-to-the-world camp. If I have something I feel the need to hide, I reckon the Internet is no place to put it to start with. :-)

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Sweet holy moly, I can’t say, I have a few quality people in my fluther but not a whole, whole lot, and I am in even less. Hasn’t done much against me but gave me more freedom to be me and say what I feel need said with less people to piss off. :-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central Well, you are in my Fluther, so watch it, buster. :-)

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@ETpro For that I am honored….quality beat quantity any day hope I have not ticked you off much :-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central Hear, hear. And no, I don’t tick off easily at all.

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