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What happens when you take a tag off of a mattress?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7951 points ) January 17th, 2010 from IM

The ones that say “Do not remove.”

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You’re executed immediately by a team of well trained snipers hired by Big Mattress.

Use Google.

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It is for the stores not to remove. It is so you know you are buying a mattress that is up to the standards specified by law. You can remove it if you’d like. Or don’t. It is up to you.

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The CIA is notified. What happens after that is not known to civilians.

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It releases the bedbugs.

For real.

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You will no longer have a tag on your mattress.

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When I was little I thought it meant you would go to jail… but now I know it’s only meant for the store not the consumer.

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@chyna You stole my answer. Black helicopters. Google it.

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A clown jumps out of your closet and pummels you ‘til you scream like a little girl!

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alucillle you are funny. Once you buy it NADA as in nothing .

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Mattresses have a built-in alarm that sounds and alerts the local police. mattress tags are constantly monitored by gpa systems and that knock on the door is the police

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As soon as you rip the threading away you’re sucked into a tear in the space time continuum. In which you return as a tag that’s about to be sown onto another mattress to repeat the cycle.

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You are allowed to remove the tag if you’ve bought the mattress.

If you attempt to remove the tag before purchase then it’s likely that your ass will be drug off by ninjas who hide behind the couches in the other display room. They are there, trust me.

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Cutting off the tag makes the mattress more comfortable. Go ahead, all the really good sleepers are doin’ it!

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You can live your life untethered by the mattress police.

I think Radiohead did a song about it.

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You then get rid of something that has just been in the way, ah, freedom.

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Black helicopters swarm over your house within five minutes, and federal agents bust down the doors, guns drawn.

Trust me, you don’t want to take the tag off a mattress.

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You end up in the frizzer.

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The CIA comes out of no where and abducts you.

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It is a dangerous thing to do, I tugged and pulled and tugged and pulled. Finally it came off with a rip and I fell on my derriere and it hurt!

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You join the dark side. And Darth Vader becomes your daddy. MWWWWHHHHAAAAAHHHHAAAAHAHA!!
No, but if it is under warranty, I believe you forfiet the warranty.

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Without the tag, the mattress is no longer subject to the laws of gravity.

Your travels while sleeping require you to keep your passport under your pillow.

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Don Corleone makes you an offer you can’t refuse.

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Well the most lilkley thing is that anyone who knows you { friends , family ect} will recive a letter from the Chinese government stating that you have “missfortunatly disapeared” . They take that stuff seriousley .

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All the air leaks out and it becomes a yoga mat.

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