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Is the Geico Gecko in England? Is he still English?

Asked by asmonet (21186 points ) January 25th, 2010 from iPhone

My coworker and I have a very important conversation hinging on the answer.

I await your answers.

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i dont think geico exists in britain…

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My husband and I argue about whether the gecko is Australian or Cockney all the time (although I don’t remember who thinks which….) Does anyone know for sure?

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@janbb He’s a cockney.

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@janbb: he used to be australian though, they address it in one commercial.

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@Lightlyseared That must’ve been the one I thought he was then.

@asmonet So the controversy still rages.
Is there a bio of him somewhere?

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@asmonet obviously I can’t have found the youtube video of that one.

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There is this if you trust uncitationed wikipedia articles.

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I think it’s Australian, but I can’t tell you for sure because the instant those *(!&%$? commercials come on I mute them. Company executives chatting with a talking gekko in the men’s room… jeez, give me a break!

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He sounds Australian to me.

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I thought he was Filipino. When I was stationed there, we called them “wall lizards” they were in every home and considered good luck, as they ate mosquitos that spread malaria and dengue fever. It was considered very bad luck to kill one. They would call to each other in a loud clicking sound. If a predator grabbed one by the tail, it would detach and flop around while the lizard got away. Cute little creatures.

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Yeah, um still need my first question answered. :(

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According to this article from the company’s website, GEICO was started in the USA for government employees and still is solely a US company.

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@ janbb I think he was asking about the character. They found a marketing character for the initials in the name of the company. Some people like the little critter and some do not but however we all know who he is and what he represents. Good marketing!
I love the Slowskies in the Verizon DSL commerical, the turtles.

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@Flo_Nightengale The whole discussion has been about whether the character was English or not, but the OP stated that did not answer her question, so I assume she wants to know also whether the gecko has a job in England. Hence, my last post.

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Love you, @janbb! I couldn’t access their website at work or on my phone. You answered with exactly what I needed! Lurve!

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@asmonet I called and got through.
Sales, Service & Claims
1–800-861–8380 there is a recording and I pressed “0” and got an operator for assistance. They would put me through any department I needed. They were quite helpful as well.
I wish you had stated that to begin with or gave more information.

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@asmonet I’m a librarian; it’s what I do – even on my day off! (Didn’t you notice the big “L” on my t-shirt when I changed in the phone booth?)

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you know hes just a commercial mascot.hes not actually real.

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@janbb: Haha nice, lurve. :)

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What I meant, and I thought was clear enough was if he existed in England as a character, and if he was used in England if his accent was still cockney. I figured you would all get the idea, I’ll keep that in mind in the future.

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As an Englishman I can honestly say I have not got a clue what you are talking about. This would lead me to the conclusion that the answers to your questions are No and ”?”.

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