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Does facebook chat work for you in firefox?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12488 points ) January 26th, 2010

It never has for me. It only works when I open facebook in internet explorer. I’m just wondering if it’s something specific to my personal computer’s set up, or it’s a general bug.

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Yes it does, but it’s a lame chat system in general.

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I refuse to use facebook, but I have seen the chat function working in firefox, yes.

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@eponymoushipster: it’s incredibly lame, but it has the distinct advantage that most of my friends are on it.

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Have you tried it with the latest firefox?

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Yes, it works good for me in Firefox. The chat itself is too slow, tho. Sometimes it has to run to catch up with what I’ve said.

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Facebook chat is one of the most frustrating things ever. I don’t see how they could possibly leave it when it is so glitchy. It doesn’t work well in either FF or IE in my opinion. It supposedly works well with Chrome, but I haven’t tested that myself. I refuse to use fb chat on a browser for now. I use Trillian (which is an all in one chat client – Gchat, AIM, Facebook chat etc) to speak to fb chat friends so I don’t have to worry about messages not sending or my firefox freezing up.

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It doesn’t work properly on my Mac’s Safari :/

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@PnL: Hmm, i’ve thought about getting one of those. google has one called pigin or something, right? (And yeah, I was shocked they thought it was okay to just leave it like that too. It’s so horrible. Most of the time, I see that a friend is online, and just message them saying “wanna skype?”, but with firefox, I can’t even do that!)

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I agree with @PnL, Trillion and Adium are great programmes for chat. One interface for all.

Facebook chat is indeed glitchy and I’d rather not have to use it in a browser, even if it works perfectly well for me in my favourite browser in the world (Firefox!)

This is of course until google chrome great a viable version for mac users for me to play around with ;)

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Facebook chat is lame, as had been said. I got fed up with IE and FF, so I got Google Chrome. It works better than all the rest (that I’ve tried, atleast) in general. I suggest downloading it here

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I have major problems with it if I’m trying to do anything but talk to one person on chat. Also, lately it’s been freaking out when I type and whatever I’ve typed just stops. It makes no sense. (I use Firefox)

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@casheroo Yeah, it’s like it has to catch up, or something.

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Mac users who would like the latest chromium build can download it here.

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By the way, I upgraded to firefox 3.6, and now it works perfectly. I feel like a bit of a dope.

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