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What are some up and coming mountain, desert, and beach towns in the U.S.?

Asked by pallen123 (1511 points ) February 19th, 2010

We currently live in Ohio and are planning to move our small family West or somewhere warmer/sunnier in the next 3 years. I’m originally from Southern California and have little desire to return to the traffic and high(er) real estate prices. We’re looking at Boulder/Denver and possibly some beach towns far north of San Francisco. Do you have suggestions for other areas we should consider? Our ideal is to be near a medical center or medical school since my wife is a doctor/researcher, but a 30 minute drive to a large hospital would be okay. There are some nice smaller towns in the foothills of the Sierras in California, but we’d like to be in or withing 10–15 minutes of a larger town with at least 100,000 population or so. Arizona and New Mexico are possibilities but we don’t want to be where there are tem for long periods. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Me…I would move to Boulder. Beautiful, great destinations to go to in every direction only an hour away…and if you really want to have peace and quiet, quite a few quaint little communities up in the canyons in and around Boulder.

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What about Florida? St. Petersburg is right near Tampa, and it is a beautiful beach town. Plus, real estate prices right now are very depressed.

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@pallen123 why wouldn’t you want to stay in AZ or NM for long periods? just wondering

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Have you considered northern Utah? The Primary Children’s Medical Center and University of Utah Medical School & Center are all fantastic facilities in Salt Lake City (speaking from extensive experience as a patient, that is). It does get cold there in winter time, but you get the whole gamut of seasons, and lots of beautiful destinations nearby.

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Asheville or other towns in Buncombe County where you’ll have the Appalachian, Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. A four seasons region with mild winters and cool summers. Plenty of outdoor activities, including white water rafting, hiking, mtn biking, rock climbing. Blue Ridge Parkway is truly magnificent in the Fall when the leaves turn their colors. Mission Health System is a regional medical center located in the City of Asheville. It is within a mile distance from the Biltmore Estate

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Uh. I guess that leaves Kansas out….

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I agree with @Cruiser….move to Boulder! There are so many beautiful things just a couple hours away. SO MANY. And the town itself is amazing. And you can be my neighbor ;)

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@deni But it’s so cold there!

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You did say ‘or somewhere warmer/sunnier’...
Asheville, NC for the mountains.
Charleston,SC for the beach.
I don’t think I can help with desert… unless you count Barnwell, SC, which could be a desert soon if they don’t stop dumping all the US nuclear waste at the Savannah River facility.

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Florida! Amelia Island!

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@Val123 uh uh! since i’ve been here its only been below thirty probably three times. and barely below. even when it snows! the past few weeks have been in the forties and fifties! i’m shocked and pleased :D

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@deni Really? Shoot. Trade you houses!

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Pismo Beach


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Murphy, NC is growing and I read that the next in that area is Ducktown, TN. Both are in the Ocoee River area of the Southern Appalachians.

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