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What's wrong with my cat?

Asked by squidcake (2627 points ) February 24th, 2010

My cat’s been sitting here by me on the couch like he normally does. But when I reached over and started petting him, he jerked away and meowed at me, and he was shrinking away from me.

He’s NEVER like that. He’s the most mellow cat I know. I tried petting him again later and he meowed, this time really loud, and swatted at me.

He’s still napping next to me, and I have no idea why he’s acting like this. We’ve been treating him for some kidney problems but it doesn’t seem like it could be related to that.

I’ll probably take him to the vet tomorrow but in the mean time I’m really worried.

Any cat owners out there know what’s up?

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If he is normally sweet-natured,he might be in pain.

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mabey it does have something to do with his kidneys, i would not worry and just take him into the vet tommorw like you said, he should be good don’t sweat :)

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Some of my family’s cats have acted violently for no apparent reason, mix of course with a great deal of purring and affection. It is a possibility he could be in pain, or it could be a temporary mental state that cats go through naturally.

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Check for eating and toilet behavior in the next 24 hours and continued sensitivity to being touched. A trip to the vet’s is always a good idea.

We had a similar crisis last week; off we went. Poor Milo had to have an enema.

Is he drinking? A good trick is to put a little tuna or salmon juice (from the can) into some water.

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Time to send him out for Chinese.

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He might be in pain. I would take him to a vet.

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He is in pain. I am glad you are going to the vet.

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Have you got any weird smells (weird to a cat) emanating off your person that are new? Do you live near, or with, a schizophrenic? Cats are sensitive to biological changes that change a person’‘s scent. Some cats don’t like schizophrenics for this reason. It’s far-fetched, but since the common sense answer is that the cat is in pain, a different perspective can cover more bases. of course, if you’ve eaten Chinese, he may smell a cousin on you. That would pretty much piss me off, too.

(nod to the Asian community)

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“We’ve been treating him for some kidney problems but it doesn’t seem like it could be related to that.”

Of course it is the kidney problems. Since you are treating him for said problem, I assume you have been to the vet. No sense throwing your money away. Just quit petting him in that area until he is better.

Try rubbing his head, and behind his ears, and right on his nose…

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@SeventhSense and @phillis The Chinese Food joke isn’t funny, is very hurtful, and is quite a bit over the line. You guys need a time out!

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Damn, that’s too bad. I’m still laughing!

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@filmfann “You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you? You’ve beaten my giant so you must be very strong so you could have put the poison in your own goblet trusting your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you!”

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I kid I kid… I’ve eaten some wonderful pussy.

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<shakes head>

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@SeventhSense: You get less and less amusing. Have you or do you own a pet? I’m with @filmfann and @chyna.

@Trillian: Since I can’t understand that screed, I have no response.

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one night my boy cat (sweetest little man in the world) was next to me and i pet above his tail and he bit me! i was shocked—i’ve had him for 11 years and he has NEVER bitten anyone. It happened again a few minutes later and i awoke the next morning to find that he had licked all of the hair in that area off. I took him to the vet and it seems to have been an allergic reaction and apparently when I pet him it hurt. Kitty is probably okay, but definitely check with the vet! good luck.

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@gailcalled The Screed from @Trillian is from The Princess Bride

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@filmfann Thanks. It contributes to this thread how, exactly?

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Yes I’ve owned dogs. Which are actually a Korean delicacy.
Ok I’ll be good. Don’t tell mom OK?

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@gailcalled honestly, the question has already been answered. I was going to chime in with an anecdote about my cat, but it seems to have been covered. Whatever he said made me think about that line, so I dropped it in.

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<—- goes to room

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@SeventhSense don’t you dare slam that door!

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“The pellet with the poison’s in the flagon with the dragon…

The vessel with the pestle holds the brew that is true”

Danny Kaye


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@Buttonstc that sounds so familiar…

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The Court Jester

One of the all time great classics.

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@Buttonstc: Don’t forget “the chalice from the palace has the pestle with the poison..”

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I just found the greatest clip of the whole scene and then some. It’s Been a long time since I’ve seen this movie and for those who would like to know what all the fuss is about, just head over to YouTube (sorry I can’t post links from iPhone) and put this into the Search bar for the best clip out of all. Excellent quality clip and sooo funny


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Alright, guys. I think we can find somewhere else for the quote exchanging, as nice as it all is.

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My dog had a problem with his kidney too and I think it was due to his pain that he didn’t want anyone to touch him

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well depending on what you are doing to treat him for the kidney problem, he might just be mad at you, my cat would pout and not be to friendly after i had to give her antibiotics for a week or so, I would say, yeah leave him be for now, take him to the vet and ask them. I agree it could be an odd scent on your hands or possibly that you may have something on your hands (lotion etc) that he is alergic to and it’s making his skin sensitive. it may also be a reaction to the kidney treatment, what were the side effects of the treatment? If you can try to look at his skin under his fur, and see if anything is odd on his skin, and then tell the vet about it, it could be a skin reaction like others have said. also maybe try to let him smell your hand and not intend to touch him unless he rubs on you to let you, he may change his mind.

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It probably is related to his kidney problems. He is probably uncomfortable. His medication may be bothering him. See your vet.

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