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What are the numbers I need to call if I lost my license?

Asked by squirbel (3874 points ) March 2nd, 2010

Yesterday I foolishly put my license in my back pocket. It fell out at some point during the day.

I know I need to call the credit bureaus so that they will be wary of anyone trying to open lines of credit, but what are their phone numbers?

Thank you ahead of time!~

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If you live in California
Hope that helps, I do believe it has links to the other states official pages.

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Here are the numbers for the credit bureaus.

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Gosh, thanks a whole lot marinelife – all in one place and so neat, too! <3

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Credit cards belong in you pocketbook and not in your back pocket. i use to stop traffic violators that gave me broken drivers license and license i could barely read. luckily, their driver license number was still legible.

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I can give you the number for a good Taxi company….

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I found my license, I dropped it on my sister-in-law’s lawn, lol! Thankfully it’s home safe with minimal exposure.

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