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Where can I find sewing patterns for traditional Chinese men's clothing?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350 points ) March 10th, 2010

I’m looking specifically at this time to make a men’s Cheongsam.

But I would like to make other garbs in the future…so any patterns you know off will be great?

thanks..much love

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An easy way to resolve this would be to take apart one you already have. Then use those pieces as a pattern for your new garment. There are books and websites that will tell you how to change the sizing, but I don’t know how to do that.

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@snowberry thanks but this kind of defeats my purpose…i want to make one to avoid the high prices of shipping a traditional one from a Chinese company…as well as making it from local materials to save on petroleum use and to aide local tradesmen/women

but thank you or the insight…if i were less picky…lol…this would be a great idea

snowberry's avatar This one says they have patterns for men, but I don’t understand what I’m reading. Click around and see what you recognize.

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well, if you were to get one used…it wouldn’t be too expensive, but that’s a long shot

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@snowberry thanks i’m checking this site out now…but yeah i have been looking for a used one…but to no avail

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no that site only had female style patterns…they

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You know, I bet if you got creative, maybe contacted a theatrical company, and found their source for patterns…It’s an idea

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oooo damn good idea!

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Perhaps you could contact the local Chinese community through a club and ask them. I asked my Chinese Daughter In Law, but she didn’t know of anything.

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The male version is spelled Changshan. Maybe a search for the correct spelling would help.

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Do you have any traditional Chinese clothing shops in your area? I visited on in San Francisco last year that had the clothing you want.

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Yeah, as@YARNLADY has already noted, be sure to enquire about patterns for changshans. If you enquire about cheongsam patterns for a male, you might get some strange reactions. That being said, cheongsams, or qipaos, are also absolutely beautiful on a female who has an appropriate figure…

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@YARNLADY lol…yeah searching for the right thing would help i…thanks a ton

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