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Is there an easier way to remove this plot stamp?

Asked by Pazza (3179 points ) March 16th, 2010

I’m currently using Autocad 2008, one of my works colleagues received an emailed drawing that was created with an educational version of Autocad. Any time you ‘cut & paste’ or use the drawing to make another, you inherit the plot stamp.

I’ve been on numerous forums, and no one really has a quick fix.
The only way I’ve figured out how to get rid of it is to save the file in DXF format, rename it as a .TXT file, cut and paste the contents into a fresh .TXT file, and then rename it as .DXF and re-open it with Autocad.

Suffice to say that this method is as long winded as the above paragraph.

Does anybody have a quick fix?

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I don’t know much about AutoCAD, but I’m guessing that you have the professional version. If so, I would mess around with the settings, preferences, views, etc. Maybe this item is in a hidden format, similar to MS Word’s header and footer sections.

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Why didn’t you just edit the save as* option before exiting the project. I’ve used Autocad only a numerous amount of times, but i can tell you that you can make an *.exe script to do that process that you have repetitively continued. email me a couple of screen shots to and i’ll see what i can do

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