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Skinny jeans but yet kind of loose, where can I find these?

Asked by xTheDreamer (878 points ) March 22nd, 2010

I’ve been looking for skinny jeans that aren’t tight but it’s yet loose. Like skater boys skinny jeans but for girls.

Do you know where I can find these kind of skinny jeans?

I have a picture that I found on the internet and this girl is/seems like she’s wearing skinny jeans but it’s not tight ass hell, it’s still loose:

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You could try different cuts other than skinny like boot cut or straight leg.

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American Eagle’s straight leg jeans are a nice “skinny but loose” fit.

Edit: The AE website’s pictures make them seem really tight. But they’re not!

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Find a pair you like and buy one size up.

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Old Navy

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I have jeans like that from hollister. I’m really skinny and I fit a size 0 so I just get a size 1 instead. It’s not a big difference but the jeans are not super tight and they’re not really that loose either

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I have some pretty nice skinny’s from Garage. They’re torn up like that picture, and not supremely tight as well. Try larger sizes maybe? Straight legs are nice, as @lilikoi mentioned.

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in my closet, after my two pregnancies, :)

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Gap has a new limited edition style called slouchy skinny. I think they’re better in person than in the picture, fwiw.
I like skinny/straight leg jeans but my curves make me look like an inverted triangle with a sausage bottom in them. Then I found these, and I love them. They give the skinny/straight jean effect without being too tight. And they run a little big.

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I have jeans like that from Macy’s.

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Ernest Sewn and JBrand are at the top of the list. They’re pretty expensive, though.

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I was going to suggest Hot Topic; my daughter gets great skinny jeans there. (She, however, has incredibly thin thighs.) Gap jeans usually fit a variety of body types well.

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