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What would you do if there was no Fluther? No internet or computers.

Asked by CMaz (26148 points ) April 29th, 2010

I can remember a time when we did not have these things and what I did.
Many of you can’t or have not experienced it.

So what would you do? What would your day be like?

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I would create “Fluther” and since there was no internet nor computers ,I would have people mail in their answers !!

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@Pretty_Lilly – That was called being a pen-pal. :-)

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I would get my house cleaned, painted and ready to sell. I’d be outside doing yard work, or reading a book. This has inspired me. I’m off the internet until this evening. Small steps guys, small steps!

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My computer was gone for about four days until this morning. I bought a new jeep. Seems productive to me ! ;P

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I would be able to clean the house like I used to.

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Yeah! Pen pals, road trips to visit friends, long hours in coffee shops or around the kitchen table, solving the problems of the world.

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@ChazMaz Yes, I know all about “Pen Pals” but I can no longer engage in it,,,The Convicts were complaining, I was too nasty and vulgar ,,,,,,Bunch of Wusses,, the whole lot !!

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Same as I would do if there were no cars:

Ride horses.

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@mattbrowne – You are a real outdoors man. :-)

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Read four magazines, one of which is a weekly, read a paper every day, read about 20 novels a year, write letters. I might get outside more, or take more bike trips, but I’m not sure.

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I would survive and I would still have a great life even though I would not know how to type and use the internet. I am raised in Zambia and we did not have a computer only my mom who was working and she was a secretary. I just learned the computer now when I moved to Iceland when I was 12 years old:)

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I have only used the internet for 2 years now, and in the process I have gained 15 lbs.. I would be doing what @chyna is doing, and probably be much happier.

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The same as it was pre-1995: work, books, long walks and out to the pub.
And some things from post-1995: improv classes, kayaking, exercise and… out to the pub.

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More reading, more painting, more talking and possibly more sex

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Damn that’s tough. I guess I’d have to revive plan B become a porn star.

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My life would be 95% more boring.

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I’d probably be getting 8 hours of sleep a night. I’m too tired to think of all the non-computer things I could be doing right now.

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I spent most of my life without electronic gadgets. I could easily revert. As a family we used to sing while I played the piano, have large and wild games of Trivial Pursuit, Boggle, Pictionary, bridge; my daughter and I still play scrabble.

My little great nephews come up here and wade in the pond, watch the turtles resting on their cedar log, go fishing, tickle the dogs and lead an old-fashioned life. They go home to day-glow toys that talk, squawk, and balk.

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Two summers ago, I purposely disconnected all access to tv and Internet. It was one of the most enjoyable summers I’ve ever had! I went to the beach almost 3–5 times a week, went for long drives, spent time creating fabric art, read wonderful books on European history, and renewed friendships with those close to me. Since then, I’ve learned to balance my Internet time with many of life’s pleasures.

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Same shit as i’m doing now seeing as though it’s just a passing random dalliance.

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I’d be on the phone more.

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I would….
Be in pristine shape again
Get out of the apartment
Lose contact with some good people =(

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i would run more. i would bike more. i would climb the mountains in my backyard more. i would cook more. essentially i would do everything more that i should be doing rather than sitting on here. but…hey. i like it.

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No computers?! That means no cell phones either? Ack! I don’t even know what profession I’d have gone into.

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I would have to start buying my porn at 7–11 and Vick’s Video Hut.

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I would write letters to my friends and i agree with sophief also. And hangout with friends. Study or read a book

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I am in the BI camp ( before internet)
Internet is fun, educational, a great source of info. but not the end all and be all of my universe.

Like any other changes, adapt or die. lol

I do think a lot of really introverted and anti-social types, shut ins, would lose what little connection they glean from online interactions, so kinda sad for them.

Me? Shit..I’m a little meteor of interest and social interaction, so losing internet might sting a bit, but I’d adapt quickly.

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It would be like the 90’s for me, telephone answering machine and calling it from remote locations to retrieve messages all through the day, people coming over, me going to see people, lots of weekend trips and day jaunts. It was great! There were so few wasted days inside the house where one person fell into the abyss of video games and the other pecked away on a computer in the other room. Ah, I remember years of “togetherness”, going to see other humans, museums, galleries, window shopping, hiking, picnicing, getting lost on purpose in some scenic area, holding hands, omg holding hands and walking together.

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Beautifully stated!

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How could one be bored and choose to stay inside alone with a screen or game controller when so close by was a river for rafting, splashing or hanging out with people you were bound to know if you just showed up? Same goes for lakes or driving to nearby towns for a picnic like Coloma? Most cities have a monthly art gallery night which is great, zoos, museums, gardens, bookstores, antique malls and nearby historic towns/villages to walk. Wine country was a fantastic tour even for non drinkers. Ocean, mountains and valleys in between kept me busy and feeling really alive and I was lucky to have great people to share all this with. When I had an SO then they were my partner and friend and part of the whole.

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@Neizvestnaya…and the future looks bleak.

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I’m on my way out soon for just that..a river walk and then off to meet my daughter to check out her new black leather sleigh bed, and THEN getting together with a friend for awhile, THEN, it’s Corona time and hot tubby time! lol

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People stayed quite busy before we had these things. I trust we would busy ourselves in 2010 if they all disappeared.

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get more work done around my house that needs attention…like painting my interior, working in my garden more, etc…

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Play more games or watch more horror movies. Just more of what I do now. Most of what I do in my free time is easy going and relaxing, and it’s always been like that, long before I ever had any internet access.
But it doesn’t seem to make that much of a difference when it comes to motivation. :/
Despite that the Internet is conveniant for many things today, I’ve never seen it as anything beyond something to waste my time with, aside from some uni work that goes much faster with computers, which I suppose I’d be doing by hand if this was 15 years ago.

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As I’ve said every time this same question comes up, I would go back to my needlework, and resume making gifts for charity auctions and fairs. Because of the things you mentioned, I haven’t attended a fair for the past four years, but I still do make gifts and greeting cards for family.

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I just recently asked a very similar question.

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Civilization does still work without most of our technologies. Europe got an interesting taste just recently. No air travel for several days. An inconvenience nothing more.

The real problems begin when it’s about the very basic infrastructure: no electricity (the US gets a little taste of that from time to time) + no fresh water + no food supply + no heating material during a cold winter or worse destroyed shelter + no toilets/sanitation etc.

That’s the real stuff. Internet is optional. Cell phones are optional. Although because of our dependency the impact will be severe. But in most cases it won’t kill us.

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I don’t thing when the computer was conceived or was first put into use that it would have such a “addictive” social impact on society.
Basically was seen as a big number crunching machine.

And I am sure this question will get re-constituted again.

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@ChazMaz Just like how Mortal Kombat was a speed project with nothing more for intent but to cover some ground in between better projects, and it became revolutionary in the fight genre. What?

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“What would you do if there was no Fluther? No internet or computers”

I would give the biggest party ever !

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Make note:

Go to @DocteurAville ‘s home when there is an apocalypse. :-)

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Yeah. “Let’s celebrate”.

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My house would be cleaner and tidier (ok, not that it’s actually dirty really, maybe there’s just be less fluff balls rolling around on the floors), i’d probably make use of my exercise dvd at home, i’d get on with my beading and scrapbooking, i’d probably not procrastinate my office work until the last minute…things like that.

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I’d be even leaner.

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