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What's with all the cheating celebrities?

Asked by broncosgirl (712 points ) May 4th, 2010

With the hoard of stories about infidelity in the marriages in Hollywood (Tiger Woods, Jesse James, David Boreanaz), I am curious about the whole thing. Is marital infidelity more common now? Why do you think these men are behaving this way? I won’t discount the women either, but it seems to me that both sexes are cheating more and more. Thoughts??

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I don’t think it’s wise to use celebrities as a barometer for what ordinary people do.

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All types of people cheat. Only the famous make the news.

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We are not monogamous. Monogamy in humans is futile…....I am not shocked when people cheat, it is expected with over 6 billion people on the planet….

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It just gets more media coverage, that is why you get the false impression that it is rising. Just as with natural disasters.

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I got this from another question, please read it, it’s excellent:

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I don’t think it’s a celebrity problem, it’s just a human problem. Cheating happens all the time. You just don’t hear about it unless they’re famous.

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The real question is: why does anyone care?

I’m pretty sure George Clooney is a dick in real life. Doesn’t mean he’s not a good actor, and I’m not going to stop watching Coen brothers movies because of it.

He entertains me, I buy the movies. End of transaction. No moral attachment whatsoever.

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They have it all and can have it all. No need to compromise.

Adoption is big too, once you have purchase a human you truly have absolute power.

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I think it is just easier for celebrities to do it. The temptation is so great.
Look at Tiger. He’s wealthy, famous, and reasonably good looking. Woman throw themselves at him. It is too easy to just go with it.

You need 4 things for infidelity:
Willing partner,
Private location
Enough money
Time away from family

Most of the commoners, like me, don’t have that. Celebrities have it all- in spades!

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I think money has to be the biggest one of all.

I couldn’t even plan my husband a surprise birthday party this year without him noticing the missing money. We’d never be able to secretly have affairs. ^_^

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many cheat…but we know the celebrities. so they make the news.

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They do it just to get attension!!!!

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I think its because they have a hard time finding someone they truly love since most of them only date within the celebrity community.

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I suspect that rich and famous people feel especially entitled to indulge their impulses. They seem to translate their public adulation into a delusional sense of empowerment to do as they please without regard to the pain they cause those closest to them. The public seems willing to overlook their misbehaviour whether they improve their conduct or not.

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I understand the inflated ego that got them to where they are. But you would think that there would come a financial point you would just say Fuck it. Go off with you significant other and just enjoy life without the distractions of the Hollywood lifestyle.

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