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How smart is your city's law enforcement?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11416 points ) May 5th, 2010 from iPhone

I have to say the cops aren’t putting their best foot forward in the bay area.

Last month SF police’s drug lab was compromised when a technician was found to be stealing and using cocaine from evidence. The department knew drugs were missing for months and did nothing. 100s of convictions stand to be overturned.

SF’s district attorney failed to do background checks on officers. 80+ SF cops have violent criminal records. 100s of criminals stand to be released.

Oakland: Today a baby deer wandered into a familys backyard. The police not knowing how to deal with the baby deer chased it down and shot it 7 times as children watched.

Our cops are idiots and criminals. Super.

How smart are the people enforcing the law where you live?

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Our cops like to shoot, and it is almost always deemed justified. They usually don’t kill. As a result of this reputation, a few Sheriff patrol cars had these decals on their cruisers.

THIS IS REAL AND I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP. It caused quite a bit of hubbub when it happened. The decals in question no longer exist. I think it was an inter-department joke that got leaked to the internet.

Your cops suck, I’m sorry about that. Maybe your problems will start some upheaval in the system.

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For the most part, the police services in most Canadian cities are generally well disciplined and law abiding, Of course there are always incidents that draw attention some positive and some negative.

I live in a town with no police force at all. The RCMP has an office here in a local house but I guess they would handle any problems that arise. I doubt there is much crime around here.

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Did you hear the NPR report yesterday? A SWAT team running around busting shop owners for selling those little plastic baggies, supposedly because they can be used to carry drugs. They grope the women, rob the store, and arrest the owner. Luckily the last guy they busted had numerous security cameras downloading off site. But none of the cops were fired, and the one accused of inserting his fingers in three women’s vagina’s was given a desk job with his gun removed.

An investigative report uncovered hundreds of shop owners who were put out of business this way, and no one believed them. I was absolutely shocked to hear this. Should be yesterdays news on NPR… The reporter won a Pulitzer.

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things are out of kilter. shooting a deer with children watching?? they arent in Tennessee. Those kids never see deer.

There will always be crooked cops. maybe not in Canada.

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London Metropolitan police put 11 hollow point rounds into a man running for a train. I’d say they could probably do better.

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Here in England we now have community support patrols of officers going around (Plastic policemen) our housing estates & shopping centres they have no real powers of arrest, they’re just a visual deterrent to those that might do wrong or a target of abuse to those that might be up to no good else where in the community :-/
Two of these officers came across a young lad who was very much in distress as his friend had fallen into a pond which was located on some waste ground near to where the young lads lived, these two community officers did nothing to save the lad in the pond, A real policeman who arrived later jumped in & pulled him out but he’d drowned in front of them, when asked why they did not assist the lad in the water, they said that it went against health & safety & was beyond the scope of their duties! :-/

Check this out……

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Lately our local police officers have managed to stay out of the news, but for a while it seemed they were causing a scandal every few weeks.

First, one of the officers was caught on surveillance stealing live lobsters and other seafood from a local restaurant in the middle of the night. It turned out he’d broken in a few other times to help himself. He was fired.

Not long after that, a few other officers were busted for buying the services of prostitutes behind a local shopping center. The timing of it made me wonder if the lobster cop turned over on his buddies to cut himself some slack. All of those officers were fired as well.

There was some sort of embezzlement thing going on too, before we moved here, that I don’t really know the details on, and once an officer got angry and threw his gun down in the parking lot in a little temper tantrum. The gun discharged and scared the crap out of a lot of people. Luckily no one was hurt.

It’s been a few years since anything like this happened, but the cops are still laughed at a lot. The police chief is new, and many of the officers have been replaced, so they really don’t deserve the derision. I will say, however, that they are extremely polite and helpful when writing a ticket so that you almost feel like you should thank them for it. ;)

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The police in Detroit are affraid to answer any calles to begin with. Their response time is like 45 min or longer. When and if they do get there, they will shoot, or taze anything that moves.

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I think I’ll rethink my position on not having a weapon now.

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No joking here. I know where to find them if I need them. They are either hanging out at the Hess Gas station or Dunkin’ Donuts.

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Since 1965, when i first joined our Metro Police Dept., i have seen dramatic changes. when Metro first was established(the first in the nation), our police department had a melting pot of various officers. old city, sheriff, and new recruits off the street. back in that time period, we had a multitude of questionable sworn officers. some were worse than the people they arrested. one officer hijacked a tractor trailer load of gasoline and sold it at his brother gas station. he was terminated and arrested. this was back in the 60s and early 70s.

P.S. not all of us eat doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts. some of us like Krispy Kreme.

Today, my police department is now one of only a few accredited police departments in the nation. this means a very high standard of personell and performance. the majority of officers here have at least an associates degree and maybe this is the difference.

Your police department appears to still be back in the 60s. were these officers not checked for their background, before they were hired? apparently not.

My department has an 85% approval rating from its cititzens and that is something to be proud of. we have a Disiplinary Board, but today its rarely used. and thats a good thing.

Sorry your police department is stuck in the 60s. someone, somewhere either did not check these officers background or politics landed them the job.

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P.S. not all of us eat doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts. some of us like Krispy Kreme.

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I got arrested for no reason in 7th grade. They sent the two newest officers to come get me. While they were taking me to jail, we saw someone get mugged & they were too scared to do anything about it.

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Hey John. what is with the Doughnut thing?

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Some of the cops where Im from actually have a GANG. Matching tattoos and everything. They confiscate drugs and use/sell them. I know more but Im not brave enough to disclose it lol. About as corrupt as you can get!!!

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British police are pretty useless with everything, they are like girls, wimps. They need to get some real men in the force.

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@Lightlyseared… I no what you mean.. a man in Detroit was shot and killed because they said he had a deadly weapon, “a yard rake”.

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Chazmaz, cops and doughnuts are just a tradition. way back when, when there were no 24/7 stores open to buy anything, cops turned to 24/7 doughnut shops, espcially the early morning shifts. i can remember seeing photographs of older cops eating a doughnut way back in the 20s and 30s. its not new.

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I see that. The coffee shop being the only place available. Thanks and GA.

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The cops in my city are great. I’ve only witnessed one incident that seemed a little less than smart.

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Another living Cliché in my town. We have the fattest Motor Cycle Cop you have ever seen.

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I live in LAPD jurisdiction. They practically invented the corrupt cop. However, I’ve been given a pass by a few of them. It always helps to be cute.

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@slick44 This guy was shot by plain clothed armed police. They did not anounce they were police. They restrained him and shot him point blank in the head. Not a good day for British law enforcement.

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@Lightlyseared I was appalled when I read about that. How are they possibly justifying it? If I were that man’s family, I’d be wishing for the cops to burn in hell forever. (And I don’t even believe in the concept of hell…)

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@Dr_Dredd While I don’t condone what they did this happened the week after 4 suicide bombers had attacked public transport in London. Jean Charles de Menezes had been mistakenly identified as one of the supsects from those attacks. I suppose the officers that did the shooting had probably seen first hand the effects of a bomb in a crouded train the previous week and had to choose between the life of the man in front of them and the several hunderd people on the train. We may not like what they did and we may have made different choices but if things had been slighlty different a lot more people could have died that day.

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@Lightlyseared True, but we pay them the big bucks to exercise their judgement. I expect them to USE judgement.

Am I being harsh? Maybe. But when health care workers are expected to anticipate every possible thing that might go wrong (and sometimes even face criminal penalties for medical errors), I expect other professions to be held to similar standards.

That being said, I don’t think the police officers should go to jail. But from what I understand, there haven’t been any negative consequences for them at all. I believe that is wrong.

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@Dr_Dredd I’ve seen health care workers make some horrific mistakes and kill patients just as quickly.

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Our small town police force is really great. They are local residents, and proud of their town and their jobs. There has only been one incident since the police department was formed five years ago – An officer was fired for using the police computer system to try to find information about his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

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My town is smack dab between Longview and Vancouver, so it’s a commuter town. Our policemen seem to really concerned with speeders. There’s one spot where watch it like hawks and have some rule about a post you have to pass before you can start to speed up. I just think they’re bored. I found they’re twitter page a couple months ago.

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P.S., I forgot about some other nuggets.

One officer sold her friend’s horse, then reported it stolen.

Another correctional officer was sleeping with an inmate (a convicted murderer).

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@ShiningToast Were they both guys?

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@Draconess25 Both were female officers.

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