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Are you a boat person?

Asked by lillycoyote (24637 points ) June 12th, 2010

Do like being on a boat? Do you love being on a boat? You can’t think of anywhere you’d rather be than on the ocean, or the bay, or on a lake, in a boat? Sailboat vs. motor boat? Fishing or just boating or sailing? Do you hate boats? What is it with you and boats anyway? :-)

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I love boats. I love how they float. I like to ride in them with a goat, but I am very broke. So, I use a canoe.

I adore kayaking and canoeing. I’ve done several wilderness trips in a canoe and there is something amazing about falling asleep in the belly of a canoe underneath a clear sky.

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The bigger the body of water the bigger the boat I prefer to be on.

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@liminal a boat is a boat as far I’m concerned. Something, anything, a canoe or a kayak, a little rowboat, that works for me. I just like the feel of it, the sound of it even, traveling on and through the water.

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And @liminal your rhyme reminds me of one of my very favorite Lyle Lovett songs: If I Had a Boat. He has a pony on his boat but I think a goat would be just as good. :)

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Very much.

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I love both sailing and ski boats, but I absolutely hate cruising boats aka party boats or pontoon boats. I’d rather be on a lake, but If I have a large sail boat then I would like to be in the ocean. Its just another sport for me. I love cars too, and boats are the cars of the water.

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@asawilliams some cars are “the boats of the road” 8-D

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After spending 4–½ years living on one, sharing a bedroom with hundreds of other guys, and having a typical engineering work schedule (translation: cat naps and quick snacks because there is no time for actual meals or sleep) when underway, I pretty much would be happy to never be on another boat ever again.

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I prefer the sea from the shore, actually. When I’m on a boat, I spend too much time thinking about what’s actually happening and how small the boat is and how deep the water is that I start to freak out.

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@lillycoyote that is a great song, now it is stuck in my head.

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I spent all day on my boat today…it was warm, calm and sunny, cool, windy and stormy…today was an amazing day!! I love being on a boat any boat any time!! Boats are good!

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@jerv So I take it you don’t like boats anymore?

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@zenele Not so much :P

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I’ve had the opportunity to go sailing only once in my life (twice if you count a cross-channel ferry), but I absolutely LOVED it. If I had the opportunity I would definitely do it again.

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I certainly am! I have had boats for the last 14 years and love them.The feeling of freedom and peacefulness is amazing:) My canoe is pretty cool too ;)

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I’m good on a boat, as long as I trust the captain.
I don’t like deep water, so earning my trust is a big thing for me.

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This is the largest in-land chain of lakes in the world. We’ve been vacationing there for the past 10 years. It’s my dream to live the lake life and own a boat of my own.


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Yes, I am. So pleased that there’s free canoeing and kayaking available this summer in my city. I love being on the water.

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Fuck trees I climb buoys muthafucka.

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Did someone say sail away with Jeruba to a deserted Island and read books? Oh, it was just @jonsblond that—* sighed *

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I like being on a boat but I don’t like being very far away from land.

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Oh yeah! Rowboat, paddleboat, canoe, sabot, sailboat, powerboat, catamaran, steamboat, party boat, etc. Hell, I’m happy floating on a log.

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