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An extra die in a rifle reloading set. Has Lee gone nutz?

Asked by majorrich (10717 points ) June 20th, 2010

I received a set of Lee Dies from an eBay auction and there is an extra die included that has a decapping rod. Obviously there is an error somewhere. Is it normal for a die company to pack both a full length and a neck sizing die in a single set?

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If I understand your question… I like having a primer punch-out separate from the sizing die. This has allowed me to punch out a bad primer seat without sizing the neck on the same throw. Of course, it makes a bang. But, if it needs to be removed, it works.

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It makes sense if you are shooting the same rounds over and over from the same rifle that is not an auto-loader. Full-length resizing stresses the brass unnecessarily in that situation. Only neck resizing is necessary if always using the same rifle; you can get more reloads per cartridge that way.

Lee includes the full-length resizing die for use if you are reloading for multiple weapons.

I also de-prime and clean my cases before reloading, so I don’t use the integral decapping rod that comes with the die sets. The only full-length resizing I do (for rifles) is 7.62 rounds for my M1A Springfield and .50 BMG for my Barrett M82. Both of these are autoloaders and have feed problems without full-case resizing.

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