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Does the cookie monster from sesame street have OCD (obsessive compulisive disorder)

Asked by talljasperman (21612 points ) July 6th, 2010

Is the cookie monster from sesame street suffering from OCD?

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What makes you think that?
I think he just had a sweet tooth and no self control.

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I thought he was now forced to eat healthier options.
But anyways, I don’t think he has OCD, I think he is obsessed with cookies just to the point of insanity, just like the Coco puff bird thing and chocolate.

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♪ ♫ ...that’s good enough for me… ♪ ♫

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Too messy with the cookie crumbs to be OCD. I think he’s just obsessive without the compulsive aspect. Now the Count – he might be OCD.

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No—essentially he’s just a baby: all wants and gimme, and no self-control.

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I am a baby, too, or babby, rather – when she posts above me. I start to dribble a little and lose control.

* sigh *

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He may be suffering from piles, a byproduct of having someone stuff their fist up his arse all these years.That would be my prognosis.

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It seems like an eating disorder to me.

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@talljasperman since reading this question the “C is for Cookie” song has been on continuous loop in my head. I blame you.

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@liminal lol… How about “I lost my feeties to the diabetes” at about 2:52 seconds

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@talljasperman That is wrong on so many levels, and yet I laugh!

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I’m outta questions – may as well hijack this thread:


(I’m going with Waldorf or Statdler – the old cranky guys – like DPworkin)

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@zenele You could be a team!

I would like to say Janice but I fear I come across more like Beaker, at least to my children. (I think I need a break from my children.)

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