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What is a "Message center" when I look at my message detail of my text messages?

Asked by ladyv900 (713 points ) July 15th, 2010

When I look at my text messages,I go and select Message details,it shows the date,cell phone number and everything and it includes saying “Message center” and numbers with a plus sign in front of it.What is that? And can that help me find the owner’s name of who was calling and texting me?

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What does it say in a text from someone you know? Does their number show up as “message center”?

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It’s basically the post office. :)

If I send you a message, the message will first be sent to the message center, then delivered to your cell phone when it can be reached.

This enables that, if your cell phone is off when I send the message, the message is delivered to it when you turn it on again.

For more info, check out this Wikipedia article.

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