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What should a single mom with 3 kids pay in rent and a roomate to a single male friend?

Asked by osuprincess (16 points ) September 23rd, 2010

My friend is going thru divorce and she is having to move. she is going to move into her male friends home (nothing sexual) and she has 3 kids. his morgage is 1000 a mth plus all utilities its a 4 bedroom house. he has no kids. she will cover food with her foodstamps as well. i do not want her ripped off but i feel he is being a lil unfair in the amount asking. she needs to make a decision fast how much should she pay??

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At least half IMO. He is doing her a huge favor and he is giving up not only his privacy but a big part of his home.

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That’s four people. mainly two adults and one child with her. divide 2.5 into $1,000 dollars monthly mortgage payment and her share payment should be $400 dollars plus $100 for increased untilities(clothes washing, etc) for a total of $500.00.

She has three children. that equals one adult, two children equal one adult and a child or 2.5.

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thank yall very much! her husband cheated and left her after 11 yrs! she has been a stay at home mom and babysits one kid so her income after her childsupport is around a 1,000/mth. so i think that 500 or 600 is reasonable! thank yall again! :)

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