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Severe stabbing pains in leg above knee area?

Asked by atekrick (1 points ) September 26th, 2010

About 4–6 or so months back, I suddenly got a sharp stabbing pain
in my inner thigh. To describe it as “sharp” is an understatement. I almost passed out from the pain. It lasted about 15–30 seconds the first time, and since then they are always shorter, but the sudden stabbing pain is the same, just shorter.

I have described it as sudden as the pain from chomping down on a big ball of aluminum foil, and as painful as a ice pick being shoved in and twisted around in the muscles. Most pains are right above the knee and a little toward the inner thigh.

I haven’t been to the doctor about it, but am ready to as it is now happening in the middle of the night on occasion. No pattern to the time between hits, went a few months with very little, but now are more frequent.

I’m afraid to drive or climb a ladder for fear that
I may crash or fall, but I must continue to drive, and my occupation requires me to climb ladders. The pain instantly send anything in my hand flying away without control as I grab for my leg. If there was a warning, I would be less fearful, but absolutely no warning time whatsoever.

Thank you for any input you may have, I appreciate your time.

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Could you have a form of neuropathy?

That happens with deficiencies and/or diabetes. One common deficiency is magnesium.

Best to have it checked out.

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This sounds just awful and scary. And dangerous if you are driving. I would get to a doctor and have it checked out.

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I experienced the same issues you had and was looking for answers myself. Without notice I’d get the sharp pain that stops me in my tracks. It’s different than a muscle cramp and more like a nerve spasm. I’ll be looking into it. My wife is an RN and really hasn’t a clue. I’m guessing it’s repetitive contact in that area resulting in nerve type spasm. What bothers me is the sudden onset.

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Dude!! The exact same has happened to me, and I DID pass out!! The pain is the scariest ever!! Sometimes it lasts for seconds but others up to a few minutes…always while I’m asleep, I’ll shoot out of bed….very scary! The last big episode the pain was so bad I did pass out and my husband called 9–1-1, they checked me out, gave me potassium pills and sent me home….frustrating!! If you ever get a doctor to tell you what’s going on let us know!! Good luck!

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