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How is power deployed through gender/sex?

Asked by interweb (316 points ) October 4th, 2010

Are you a male or female, and how does
one’s power operates in this social body?

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I think in many ways it’s deployed through these from an economic standpoint. Because access to economic production is the main way we exercise power, attaching certain productive capabilities to gender/sex allows a patriarchal power structure to suppress women/female rights generally. As they are biologically (if we’re working with the sex structure) required to carry a child and be there for much of the beginning life, it makes them “rationally” less desirable as workers. Therefore, they are left in the home, and women (as the gender expression) are less productive, less powerful.

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When we’re in a group, I do most of the talking. When we’re in the family, she does most of the talking. I take the lead. She goes where I go unless she doesn’t want to, in which case she slows everything up. She has the honey-do list, I do what my honey says. I do the garden and the car. She organizes the kids. I took the kid to the doctor today.

So tell me? Are these things expressions of power, or just the way we happen to divide up the work?

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I’m going to guess/ask that/if @interweb meant to ask “How is power devided within both sexes respectively?”

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Power is constantly a back and forth – it’s never fixed. So groups can generally deploy their power in a manner consistent with the dominant “duality” structure, but the way in which that power is deployed from the various positions is generally consistent with that structure. Otherwise, it’s deviant.

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Is this a homework help question? It sounds like an essay prompt. @zyx, I think that “deployed” is the word s/he meant to use.

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Well all through history around the world years ago and modern time it has mostly been male dominant, meaning Male has more Power. Now in this era many people feel like Women should have power (Ex. Hillary Clinton) she tried to become President of The United States Of America. That shows that women status of power has been greatly influenced and more up beat. I don’t know what i should think about Women power maybe one day i shall find out. This doesn’t really answer question. I’m just giving my input of my side.
Both sexes should be respected with their own way of exploiting their ways of power.

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