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Male, born and raised in small town Upstate NY.

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Here2_4's avatar Here2_4 said

Hi. I saw you were trying to get into the watering hole too.
My gosh that is weird.

6 days ago

UnholyThirst's avatar UnholyThirst said

Now you think others will assume something’s between us???

3 weeks ago

crissy14's avatar crissy14 said

Let’s just keep it straight who you are talking to. I’ve branded your ass and any property of mine will not be challenging, disrespectful, or otherwise even mindful that he/she has a choice to express their opinions or beliefs. You will at all times refrain from negative confrontation or communication in any way and I hereby date stamp your first written warning 9/26/14. Now, stay seated, keep your mouth shut, and keep all arms and legs inside the cabin during your ride on this Vampire bitch’s coat tail.


4 weeks ago

crissy14's avatar crissy14 said

Yes. I do.

4 weeks ago

UnholyThirst's avatar UnholyThirst said

How may I help you?

1 month ago