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I was born in Montreal (1954). I am the proud father of 1 daughter and two sons. Married more than once.

I am madly in love with my wife and soul mate. She is my other half. She completes me. We met online by the way. We love to travel and take pictures,

She lives close by (90 miles from me) in the USA because immigration from both Canada and the USA work hard to make sure we don’t live together in either country where one of use is not a legal resident of that country.

I was disabled in a car crash in 2004 and I live with chronic pain. I was forced to retire from work but not from life!

* I would be delighted to talk to friends by PM or e-mail. *
Personal Message me if you are interested.

I was educated at McGill University (B.Sc. Psycho-biology 1976, U of Western Ontario (M.A. Psychology 1984) U of Manitoba (Ph.D. Clinical, Personality 1992).

For anybody who wants to discuss any personal concern with me in privacy: I have created a “classroom” at www.nicenet.org

This is a place where “students” (read friends from fluther) can discuss things with me in private.

Go there, click on Join Class
Enter 999J6JM44 as the Class code

Register for the “Class”

Use your fluther name so I know who your are (sort of)
Use what ever password you want – I will never see that.
You can choose whether you want to enter your real name and e-mail or not.
.If you don’t you will be ANONYMOUS########## or something like that
Please enter your fluther ID as your NAME

I want to help as much as I can!

I do not charge for this service.

After you register, send me a message outlining the area of concern.

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BattleLinesSBC's avatar BattleLinesSBC said

excellent answer!

September 19th, 2010

OpryLeigh's avatar OpryLeigh said

Thank you :)

August 15th, 2010

mollydrew's avatar mollydrew said

Regarding your answer:
thank you -mollydrew

August 14th, 2010

silky1's avatar silky1 said

Dr. Lawrence,
It’s so nice to know that you are of a select few that would give the person a second chance in life.

July 14th, 2010