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12 05 10 5:27 p.m. I just hit 5K! Wheeeeee!
12 09 11 At some point I hit 10K! Wheeeeee!
08 31 12 I hit 18,769! Wheeeee!
03 02 13 20K! Whooooo!!!
Oh! I got the Cake in the Frizzer award!!
What the hell is the Dubloon award? I got it, whatever it is.

Now go make bob_ a sandwich.

“I don’t know of anything worse after an all night binge than waking up next to someone and not being able to remember her name, how she got there, and why she’s dead. That’s when I say “I’m never doing this again!” Followed by “And this time I mean it!”~ AstroChuck.

Martin King had a dream. All I have is a Blog.

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IheartMypuppy's avatar IheartMypuppy said

How’d you get the cake in the frizzer award?

November 23rd, 2013

Jonesn4burgers's avatar Jonesn4burgers said

Hoe! Lee Cries, “Tuh!” (Carries more impact when read aloud, with feeling)
It took me a really long time to read that thread. What were you jellies thinking?
I have questions. Were the pancakes in the frizzer chocolate chip, or banananana? What about the cheese in the frizzer? I just cleaned my frizzer cheese, but if all my cakes are tightly wrapped, how the heck did I get frizzer cheese? And what in the shell did the CIA have to do with ANY of it?!?


November 13th, 2013

Seek's avatar Seek said


November 4th, 2013


: – )

August 8th, 2013


Important? No, of course not, just to clarify yourself.

August 8th, 2013