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I have such a gift for languages.
I’ve got this thing with languages. I can speak Dutch, English, Spanish, Icelandic, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Limburgian.
This is like my second nature. And the thing is that I always want to expand my knowledges. I’m French but sure enough I am more familiar with English Language than English people themselves are!‎
Moreover, I am both a poet and a liberator of souls. I am overly passionate about love, music, the earth and its natural beauty, the arts, herbal tea, and human connection, generally speaking.
Finally, I consider myself to have a above-average intelligence(I don’t want to sound snobby in anyway).

I think this is a wise move and I hope to participate fully while at the same time trying to put my two cents in.

Thank you for your attention. Please receive my sincere salutations.
I would like to thank you in advance for your presence and send you my best regards.

I hope to have fun and enjoy it here.

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