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A few things have changed since I was active on here a few years ago. I now work and live in Honolulu, and I like my life very much. My work-life is truly excellent, and my personal life is good.

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AdventureElephants's avatar AdventureElephants said

Regarding your answer:
Haha, thanks for your issue answer. I normally detest discussing politics but I’m having trouble with the candidates. I need help!

6 days ago

talljasperman's avatar talljasperman said

I fixed my surface 3 sound. I talked to the admission they want me to go there and talk to them. I’m going to have some canned pears for breakfast soon

2 months ago


There are two ways. Your computer contains a program that has 100’s of symbols, and you might be able to find it on the key that leads to all programs.

I find it easier to simply do a copy and paste on the little © at the bottom of this page.

October 16th, 2013


To copyright anything you put on the internet, you simply put a © next to it. You don’t need to file any legal papers or do anything thing else. The © means you are declaring you own it.

October 16th, 2013

bigpapa916's avatar bigpapa916 said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks for the help

December 28th, 2012