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I was going to follow everyone. Apparently, there is a limit. I have to figure out which five hundred to keep.
I guess if people get on my nerves, that will speed things along.
If I’m not following you, I am probably still trying to sort through who is still active. Maybe I will rotate like ten a week or something, so I can follow everyone eventually.
I remember that old slogan, “Strangers are just friends we haven’t yet met.” I thought Following everyone would be the way to turn a few hundred strangers into friends.

Say hello to my imaginary pet camel, Brutus. He is sweet as can be.

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Blueroses's avatar Blueroses said

Congratulations! 5k Lurve!! Not that it’s all about the lurve, or anything.

1 month ago

Haleth's avatar Haleth said

Congrats on 5k!

1 month ago

IheartMypuppy's avatar IheartMypuppy said

Hello Brutus!

1 month ago

janbb's avatar janbb said

Congrats on the 5 k!

1 month ago

Mimishu1995's avatar Mimishu1995 said

Congrat on reaching 5k! Although it isn’t enough for a proper party, I guess your camel is proud of you :)

1 month ago