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Plain speak everyone has something they are hypocritical of; at least you can “man up” and own it. There are hypocrisies all about, even here on Fluther, and pointing such out is sure to piss some off but it is what it is. I don’t have to agree with everyone but in my disagreement I am respectful. There are some in my contacts I don’t agree with and find totally out in the leftist of left field, but they are good for a chuckle when they try to defeat logic and can’t.

I never settled for being the “Man in the Gray flannel suit” a cookie cutter version of what or who an American must be. I do not follow lock step with every whim, norm, or belief of society or government. I am not a Borg trapped by hive mind mentality, nor just another cog in the machinery going along with the masses out of GP. If anything I will be that lighting rod that stirs things up and challenges the status quo. I would rather think outside-the-box and go beyond what is the norm or the usual, to stretch the course of reason and probability, than waste away stuck inside-the-box doomed to mediocrity. I will tick people off and get them hot under the collar. I know I won’t win any popularity contests while I am here. I am here to challenge your Gray matter. When you cannot find answers in the normal than it maybe time to embrace the fantastic. If I have to think creatively or think in terms of logic without emotions clouding my decision then that is what happens. I would hope you don not take things personal and take it to hard but I am bringing it real folks. I have personal maxim and ideas that others won’t or don’t get, but they are mine and if you care to listen I can explain it in logical terms.

I never shy away from a good debate of you have an argument that has legs and you can support it with logic or unflappable fact. If I am wrong I will say so just be willing to do the same. I am not going to chow down on a bogus meal of subterfuge at the Bamboozle Hut. If you have to descend to insults, disrespect and cussing to me it shows that one is losing grip on their emotions because they have weak feeble facts supporting their claim. I will debate hard if I have to but I will always be respectful when I do. I am not no pansy so do not think you will run over me. You know you hit their button when they start to lose their cool.

I am a man of God and if you are not then don’t be. Because I am a man of God I am not going to indict you away from the Bible if you are a stripper, dopper, gambler, atheist, or anything else, I will respect you as a fellow human. Christ came for those outside the church more than he did for those who were already saved. Your religion and your religious text will get my respect even if I don’t believe or support them. I will toss you the Word but if you toss it aside I won’t stand there trying to beat it into you, I have much better things to do than try to cram God down the throat of someone who do not want Him.

I don’t need to have 100s of Jellies in my contacts just good ones. Sadly some very, very, few or not really up to quality but I keep them around for amusement. I won’t front them out because there is only one to two. I welcome what all Jellies have to say if they say it logically (or illogically if calmly), and above all respectfully.

So, let respect each other, remain calm, and bring your ‘A’ game.

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Regarding your answer:
Thanx HC


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Regarding your answer:
Thanx, new internet server with ISP didn’t know if it was them.

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I’ve been reading (and responding) to your posts for a long time now. I can’t believe I haven’t followed you until now! Although we sometimes disagree, your posts are always respectful, and well thought out, and sometimes humorous. That is my goal for my posts as well!

October 13th, 2013