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PDonnelly's avatar PDonnelly said

Regarding your answer:
Who’s calling you Mr Bumby, I wonder?’
‘Mr Bumby!’ Louise laughed.
Peter opened the envelope. He didn’t recognise Rachel’s writing but he knew it must be from her. He was right. The strange feeling he had felt that morning was with him again.
‘It’s from Rachel at school,’ he said. ‘A late birthday card.’
‘Is she your girlfriend?’ asked Louise.
‘Don’t be silly,’ Peter replied.
‘Is that why you had those posh trousers on today? Trying to impress her?
‘Leave him alone,’ Mrs Bumby said. ‘He looked really nice.’
‘I bet Rachel thought so,’ Louise continued.
‘She did actually,’ said Peter.
‘You see. Or did she think you looked like an old man? Is that why she’s calling you Mr Bumby?’
‘Louise, I’ve told you – leave your brother alone,’ said Mrs Bumby. It was good of her to send you a card,’ she continued, turning to Peter. ‘Make sure you thank her.’
‘I’ll call her,’ he said.
Peter kept thinking about Rachel. Was she teasing him, or did she like him? Certainly the card was a lovely idea.
Rachel, meanwhile, was doing her homework in her bedroom. Her sister came in with the phone.
‘It’s for you,’ she said.
‘Who is it?’ Rachel asked.
‘This boy – I didn’t ask his name.’
Rachel smiled as she took the phone. She knew it must be Peter. ‘Good evening, Miss Pearson,’ he greeted her.
‘Good evening – who’s that?’ Rachel said, pretending not to know. There was a pause – Peter was wondering what he should say.
‘It’s Mr Bumby,’ he replied.
‘Hello, Mr Bumby,’ said Rachel. He obviously liked being called that.
‘I was just ringing to say thank you for your card. It was very thoughtful of you.’
‘It’s a pleasure.’
‘I’m sorry I never told you about it – my birthday, I mean. I never thought about it.’
‘That’s all right. I’ll remember next year, now I know the date.’
‘When’s your birthday, Miss Pearson?’
‘The tenth of August.’
‘In the summer holidays.’
‘Not long now.’
‘Well, thank you again for the card.’
‘Thank you for ringing, Mr Bumby. I should get back to my homework.’
‘I won’t keep you. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

2 weeks ago

PDonnelly's avatar PDonnelly said

—Regarding your answer you, that is helpful.

3 weeks ago

CuriosityKills's avatar CuriosityKills said

Regarding your answer:

September 27th, 2014

Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks for your answer.

July 20th, 2013

SuperMouse's avatar SuperMouse said

What an awesome post in the 30k lurve celebration! Thank you and you are so planning my next vacation!

May 27th, 2013