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I’m happily married to the most wonderful husband. We have two amazing boys and a beautiful little girl. I’m a nurse and I love helping other people.

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Alter2Ego's avatar Alter2Ego said

I repeat: I am the originator of the entire contents of the thread dealing with Precision in Nature. I have debated it at several other websites over the last couple of years have had good scientific discussions with various ones.

Clearly, you feel threatened by the question and are using that as an excuse to claim that I am proselytizing.

I do not remain at websites where moderators think it is a bright idea to micro-manage—which is what you basically are doing.

Consider my account here CANCELED..

2 months ago

GiantKyojin's avatar GiantKyojin said

You are a immature liar. These savages did attack her continuously, and she has been stressed because of their non-stop attacks that you ignore. You obviously have stong partiality for these stupid barbarians and bias against us. Perhaps it is racism. I do not care about your stupid and savage guidelines if they allow a continuous attack to defame someone. That is libel and you can be charged with racism too. You are no better than those pathetic barbarians whom you uphold. I am telling people on other quesion websites about this one. Someone on Answerbag told my lover about Fluther, and some of her friends asked her if they should join. She says they certainly should not. You have favorites who can do no wrong, and you do not allow us to defend ourselvess against them. It is gross injustice to be so biased for them and against us. You are not qualified to be moderator of a kindergarten recess.

November 20th, 2013

GiantKyojin's avatar GiantKyojin said

This is a gross injustice. My lover was certainly being viciously attacked to destroy her credibility. That is gross defamation, and it is criminal. Remove the posts that attack her! So you say it is fine for them to attack her, but it is wrong for her or me to fight back, is it? Constantly harping about someone’s poor English is savage and unfair. As she said to me, it the same as kicking a man on crutches. Such savages are beneath contempt, and you uphold such scum! She has not used his website for some time, because of the vicious racism and libel that you believe is fine. You are as perverse as those barbarians to be so biased in their favor. It is a waste of our time to participate here when the scoundrels and moderators are in agreement in allwing hem to be vicious racists and defamers. We use Answebag and yahoo Answers. They have their problems, but they do not allow such barbarity as you do.

November 4th, 2013