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30, Female, malcontented American.
Liberal atheist, Christian apostate.

Sci-Fi: major obsessions are Star Trek, Dune, Battlestar Galactica
Fantasy: major obsessions are Lord of the Rings, Darkover, 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons
History/Anthropology: major obsessions are Iron Age Celtic cultures and Early Medieval Ireland. I like to study the mundanities of daily living more than the names/dates/major events.
Arts and crafts: Painting, calligraphy/illumination, weaving, crochet, wire weaving/wrapping, woodworking, furniture refinishing, DIY. I like tools.
Good Booze.
Making pennies scream for mercy.
Stand-up comedy
Richard Dawkins’s voice.
Critiquing costumes while watching historical TV shows and movies.
Fact-checking historical and scientific TV shows and movies.
Ruining every movie ever by pointing out the plot-holes.
Drinking wine and watching competition cooking shows.

“Modernized” historical/mythological TV shows and movies. One exception: A Knight’s Tale. But all those others can fuck off.
Sweet wines.
Mayonnaise – or as I call it, Satan’s Lubricant.
Craft Herpes – I mean, glitter.
People. Just, in general.

“The Bible also says that you are a writer.” ~@gailcalled

“I’m going to rub your faces in things you try to avoid. I don’t find it strange that all you want to believe is only that which comforts you. How else do humans invent the traps which betray us into mediocrity? How else do we define cowardice?” – Paul Muad’Dib

Why I Am An Atheist
The Bible as an Instruction Booklet

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johnpowell's avatar johnpowell said

OMFG… Through a weird series of searches I came across this.

Fuck Yeah Masterchef.

4 days ago

Jeruba's avatar Jeruba said

Thanks! I just thought it was time for Cate to put on something different. I spent hours using a graphics program from the 90s to outfit her with the wig. (Why? I’m too retro to update my software.) I’m not partial to pink myself, but I thought it would be fun for her, a fresh look. In the past she’s worn a turkey, a Halloween mask, and of course a jellyfish.

3 weeks ago

Jeruba's avatar Jeruba said

Beautiful picture, Seek.

2 months ago

Ask_Answer's avatar Ask_Answer said

Regarding your answer:

Do you read the news?

December 20th, 2015