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Hello everyone. My name’s Vincent Lloyd Magick. You can call me Vincent,Lloyd, or Vin which ever one, or basically anything as long as it’s not insulting….I’m a a 15 year old Boy that live in CA and in Oceanside. I love animals and I’m shy in the real world. I have an Akita dog named Wookie she’s blind and we rescued her. I love wolves and poetry…Uhm I’m in 10th grade (high school sophomore year) this year and uhm…Oh I play the drums and have been playing for close to 4–5 years now. (All life if you count my love since I was a child then it will be over 10–12 years) I have a medical condition and I can’t play sports but I try to look my best. (tracheal issue) I’ve developed a love for American Sign Language and the Deaf/deaf, and with that said I do want to learn how to sign fluently. I’m taking an ASL 2 class at the moment and it’s going great learning a lot more! Any questions leave a comment in the comment section where ever it is….And uhm yeah any questions just ask me I’ll be happy to answer! Thanks.

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