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”...When I came to accept the reality of myself, I became forever free of the trappings of the outcome. I have everything the world can offer, and fear nothing for losing it. You have nothing but your own pain, and fear the loss of even that. Life rewards only those who want it to, and that, my braying beast, is the true secret of power. Found only in the marriage of capacity and desire. The thus-empowered find themselves divorced of such pitiful notions as morality and faith. My power was absolute, because I wanted it so. What the world couldn’t -or wouldn’t – give me, I took. What challenges it failed to provide, I devised. What thrills it denied me, I conceived. I have wanted this world far more than it ever wanted me. Everything is my own fault – and I love it so. All… Because I wanted it…

“So, you see, Wolf! Stars do, indeed, fall from the heavens, don’t they? The hammer falls and the spark is struck. The mightier the blow. . . the more ferocious the flashing gleam! And thereafter, alas, they are only. . . destined to fall! There. . . I have said the hated word…

“They. . . They tumble to Earth. . . with. . . the. . . rest of the mud, or sometimes, I suppose. . . Sometimes they are shot down. But. . . But at least. . . They swam the eternal firmament. At least . . . At leat they were up there at all. At least they had… all that way. . . to fall. . .”

-Hunter “Grendel” Rose from “Devil’s Eulogy”

Formerly known as King_Pariah and before that, Winters.

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