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Single mother to a bilingual son with ADHD and PDD-NOS. Step-mother to a 20-something young man with autism. Owner of my own business where I dabble in cosmetics formulation, and full-time childcare worker. I have lived in three very different parts of the world for almost equal amounts of time working mainly as an accounting technician and business administrator. I enjoy working in childcare more than accounting. There are the same level of tears each day, but at least the babies shit in their diapers.

“Stay and don’t say bad things about it…........ There’s still a cadre of interesting, smart and sane people. Hang with us.” @gailcalled

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Espiritus_Corvus's avatar Espiritus_Corvus said

Happy Mother’s Day, Cazzie.

May 11th, 2014

Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

Thank you for your answer.

April 19th, 2014

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Regarding your answer:


July 10th, 2012

OpryLeigh's avatar OpryLeigh said

Thanks for the link, I’ll definitely give that a try!

July 1st, 2012

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Regarding your answer:

Thanks so much for your very informative answer, really helped.

April 23rd, 2012