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I’m a middle aged guy in the Middle West growing a little around the middle as I enjoy my semi-retirement.

I’m pretty open minded. I keep my eyes wide open and I’m not afraid to open my mouth if I think someone/something is unjust.

Politics in the US bite. Billions of people, and not a single, decent, born leader wants to lead the USofA. Sad.

I love words. Wordplay. When not otherwise occupied I take out a handful of words in my mind, and I play with them.

Well, this bores me at the moment, I just did it because janbb asked in in a question.

I’ve been told that the avatar and I are WELL SUITED. >;-)

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Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

You forgot something on TJBM. ;>)

2 months ago

afghanhound's avatar afghanhound said

Thank you! Regarding your answer:

2 months ago

Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

Did you forget to “The Jelly Below Me”?

Happy New Year!

December 26th, 2013

Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

Wasiting for your TJBM

December 22nd, 2013

drhat77's avatar drhat77 said

rock the 5K, dude

December 2nd, 2013