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New Jersey resident, born and bred here; have lived and traveled in Europe. Vocational librarian and teacher, avocational artist and writer.

Love books, hiking, art, wit and real connections with people, getting tired of religion and politics. The road has been a bit bumpy of late but I’m doing fine…

Psst – Don’t tell but I’m not really a penguin, I just play one on the Internet.

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Espiritus_Corvus's avatar Espiritus_Corvus said

«´¨`•°Congratulations on your divorce!

You are now officially released back into the Wild.

1 month ago

gailcalled's avatar gailcalled said

Why? It seemed as legitimate as her somewhat unique “question” and the dozens of cringe-worthy answers. Do you think she drinks?

Or perhaps the mods thought it was a cheapy shot.

1 month ago

gailcalled's avatar gailcalled said

No, but my urine is the color of coca cola. And for a change, she doesn’t know but is just assuming.

You were nice to invite her to your house for chili and cake. Be careful. She is a literalist and may just show up, in one of her four Porsches.

2 months ago

ETpro's avatar ETpro said

Thanks for inviting me to comment on your question about how to structure a society so that it meets the needs of all. It brought a wall-of-words answer out of me. I’ve been waiting for somebody to ask me that. :-)

December 12th, 2013

gailcalled's avatar gailcalled said

How are you feeling about the baptism? That is a serious commitment, I guess? To which denomination?

What will be Frodo’s T’day treat and meal? Did you succumb to peer pressure and fork over the $20.00? The mention of Mordor is a very good sign and an indication that the vet tech has a sense of humor.

My sis wants a new dog so badly she is really sorry that she and her husband have planned a 5-week trip to France and Amsterdam in March and early April.

I am pleased that you and Jay are doing somthing simple together pre-travel.

I will be interested to learn how you handle the joy of seeing Jake and Simon (for the first time) with missing Frodo.

November 23rd, 2013