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Forgive me for prattling away and making you feel all oogy

My partner in crime, Blondesjon, since 1991. We are blessed with three intelligent, sweet, smart-ass children.

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dappled_leaves's avatar dappled_leaves said

I don’t get it either – the fact that they’re still pushing this is just baffling. There is nothing innocent about that. I also don’t like that some jellies appear to know who it is, but no one is telling Coloma. Really not cool.

Anyway, she reported it to the mods, and apparently Thorninmud is going to look at it. I assume he will make a fair decision, though I don’t know what is taking so long.

3 months ago

hearkat's avatar hearkat said

Awww… is that Hart to Hart? I loved that show!

July 12th, 2014

Mimishu1995's avatar Mimishu1995 said

Thanks for adding me :)

December 26th, 2013

GoldieAV16's avatar GoldieAV16 said

“I’ll answer when you add “I don’t give a shit, it’s all about how you treat others” to your scale.”


July 25th, 2013

Yeahright's avatar Yeahright said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks for a great informative answer to my question :)

January 12th, 2013