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Hi! That’s for this great post… I am almost done with my first year of teaching and am confident that you were a Trunchbull of a teacher compared to me. Its my first year teaching and I’m teaching 7th grade. I have a background as a long term sub in second and fourth grades, so this was a huge transition. BUT, it is where the job was! Part of the problem was that I was out at the beginning of the year for health reasons (I know… really set the bar high for myself!)
I have a set of boys in my class that have a reputation in the school for being difficult. Well they are having a field day with me! A few have serious behavior problems, and they really feed off each other. They’ve also been together since preschool in a tiny school of only 125 kids in grades PK-8. So, they aren’t changing anytime soon. But they won’t listen, won’t stop talking, the principal doesn’t even threaten them. It’s a private school, and to be honest, if I were a parent I’d pull my kid out because they arent’ receiving the right education with classmates like this. The teacher I am replacing had a real legacy there, and I am young and was off to a bad start. It’s like the smelled me before I even came in! I am in the process of making changes, but only so much can be rectified at this point? Or am I wrong? I would appreciate any and all feedback from anyone. THANKS!

May 1st, 2013