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Skunky's avatar Skunky said

Regarding your answer:

thanks that’s exactly what i was looking for :D

1 month ago

thorninmud's avatar thorninmud said

Can you let Ben know about this latest glitch?

1 month ago

Marlboro242's avatar Marlboro242 said

Do you think think the police action was legitimate?
We went to the big market in Torrevieja,Spain. I parked our rented Car in Calle Cabalero de rodas at the crossroad with Calle Maria parodi.About16h we went back to that place,the Car was gone we me and my 80 year’s mother walked for About 1½ hour,no Car no paper from Car taker. A taxi drove us to the towing company. Our Car was the only one that stood there to leave.All the other wrecks & motorcycles where parked +- 10 cm. From each other! After paying 55€ we could at last drive home.100 meter before our home they stopped us and did an alcohol test 0,31‰ 250€ !! And a walk home. The next day I must call the same policeman he came to my Car,another,alcohol alcohol test 0,0‰ . I could drive home.

December 21st, 2015

indulgeress's avatar indulgeress said

Thank you, and yes i’m getting better all the time. I strained my soaz muscle. only remedy is anti inflammatory pi;;s and not walking, lifting, or moving, until it heals. But who’s got time for that? So I am trying to take it easy. Thanks for welcoming me to the group

November 16th, 2015