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I am a Christian. If you don’t want theists to share their answers on your question, why not say so? Mention also that you are intolerant of views that don’t match yours, rather than flaming us because of our responses to your question! Lurve to you if you do! And apparently because they don’t agree with my religion, people here call ME a hypocrite! ROFL!

@dougiedawg: snowberry-interesting handle. It makes me think of deer scat though;) Thanks for the welcome!

I have been officially labeled NAIVE here on fluther. I did not choose this label, but I will now wear it with pride, in the spirit of Yankee Doodle (look up the backstory if you are unfamiliar). I’m also drinking only Evian water (just to be sure) because Evian is naïve spelled backwards.

Other labels: “obtuse” and “a little off” (the jury is still out on this one) And it’s apparently a mystery how I deal with myself.

“Hard hearted” because I think it’s unhealthy and stupid to choose to live with a cat that poops on bed pillows and everywhere else.

I mentioned that if my father, who I loved dearly, had incontinence issues to the point where I could not keep the place clean, I would have put him in a nursing home, and that putting him in a nursing home would not be unlike putting a loved but incontinent cat in a large kennel inside your home where it could still be loved, but not allowed to poop everywhere. So I’m hard hearted. Who knew? LOL

[ johnpowell: Snowberry. It would be a good time to STFU or actually back-up what you say with sources. Your racist Aunt on Facebook doesn’t count.

snowberry: Where did that come from? Racist aunt on facebook??? My friend mr. johnpowell, if you haven’t noticed this is in SOCIAL. If you don’t like this question or my remarks please make one of your own, and put it in general.

Extra lurve for being polite about it too! ]

Jonesn4burgers: NERFHERDER!!!!!!! Said with affection

This just in: According to Espiritus_Corvus, my comment was a ”...passive-aggressive, amazingly acrobatic juistification of your chauvinism, you mention raising children. Madam, you are a bigot. You are as bigoted as the most poisonous white supremacist, the most rabid anti-Semite, the most vicious homophobe. I would never allow you anywhere near children.”
snowberry: My goodness. That really was a mouthful! God bless you sir. I hope you feel better tomorrow.
Regarding my faith:
ETpro: @snowberry OK, this is a test of your commitment. Believe that grizzly bears only eat peaches. Then go hand-feed a peach to a hungry grizzly.

snowberry: Done and done.…

Ow! My arm!

KaY_Jelly: In what context are we feeding grizzly bears peaches? NSFW or SFW? Is it Friday already??? I’m confused. :-M

snowberry: Oh, I’m strictly SFW. I’m fully clothed, and I hand feed ‘em to grizzlies every day of the week.

The grizzlies on the other hand, are never safe for work, or anywhere else, so now I have no arms. Hand feeding has become much more challenging of late.

KaY_Jelly: You have passed with flying colors and without bearing arms! =-O Amen!

Read the story of the DINOSAUR POOP ROCK

If there is no other reason to be a member of fluther, I have found it:

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RikhardRavindraTanskanen's avatar RikhardRavindraTanskanen said

Regarding your answer: Thank you, sir.

September 8th, 2015

andgemvicdyl's avatar andgemvicdyl said

Regarding your answer:
thank you for taking the time to even read my question let alone answer it

November 27th, 2014

Aster's avatar Aster said

Regarding your answer:
Thank you SO much for your answers and wonderful links!!!! Aster

August 20th, 2014

Yetanotheruser's avatar Yetanotheruser said

I don’t think you can realize how you affected me with mention of that line from “The Cruise of the Spun Glass Ship!” I had known the friend I mentioned in the post as long as I can remember; I also remember how the disease, Muscular Dystrophy, gradually wore him down. When we were toddlers, he could walk and run normally, or so it seemed to me at the time. When got a little older, about 5 or 6, he would fall often, and then have difficulty getting up. eventually, he was confined to a wheelchair. But I always remember his cheerful attitude. Instead of his disability being an obstacle, we seemed to figure out that there were things you could do on a wheelchair you could not do on foot!.

He finally passed at age 15, from pneumonia. His poor body was so weak from MD that he could not fight even a common cold. I have thought about him often over the years, but not so much recently, until I read the line from the poem. It brought back a flood of memories, and I thank you!

February 20th, 2014