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Espiritus_Corvus's avatar Espiritus_Corvus said

Regarding your answer:
Thank you for your fine answers on this string. I wish I had more GAs for you.

1 month ago

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar Espiritus_Corvus said

Congratulations on your 10k!

October 17th, 2015

IheartMypuppy's avatar IheartMypuppy said

Congratualtions! Congratulations!
On joining the 10K Club!!!

October 16th, 2015

Here2_4's avatar Here2_4 said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks, for taking my question as thrown.
I thought Trump was a joke, but as I looked into things, I found all sorts of errors in how things have been reported. As I dig, I am becoming impressed.
After peeling away the misquotes and the propaganda, what’s left is a man with faults, but far fewer than I thought, and he has a lot going for him.
I really did wonder whether anyone could dig up anything real, but so far, only opinion and hearsay.
I am glad for your voice in the crowd, and also others, who claim to be appalled.
I am having a good time. I’m still interested to see what I can learn.

August 9th, 2015

RikhardRavindraTanskanen's avatar RikhardRavindraTanskanen said

Regarding your answer: I do apologize sir. No, it is not the way that thoughts arrange themselves in my head (I apologize for sounding rude) – I wrote down every detail that I could remember so I would have the best chance of getting the correct answer. Also, I suspected that I remembered more details, and wrote those down, but I wasn’t sure if those were really details of the show or false memories, so I said that I wasn’t sure. Once again, I do apologize for the question being long, for having no spaces between paragraphs, and, for want of a better word, for being like what it is. I have seen “Yahoo Answers” questions that were really long, and I didn’t like reading them (I do not have a Yahoo Answers account, nor do I ask questions on Yahoo Answers [besides, I presume although I haven’t checked that you need an account to ask questions on Yahoo Answers], I only have a look at questions at Yahoo Answers sometimes). I feared that this would happen, but I had to write down all of what I wrote down for the reasons that I have mentioned above, and also, I needed to see if my question would get criticized for this (in retrospect, it was obvious, I apologize for sounding stupid) – I know I sounded rude, risking a question that had no spaces between paragraphs and was written like that, and I apologize again. As a side note, when my elder sister read the question in the summer, she laughed and told my mother to come, saying “He writes like he talks!” I apologize much of the time when I talk for any errors in speech, for giving the wrong idea, for using the wrong tone, and for stuttering (I have a pseudo-stutter), but I do not do it all the time, and not for as long as it takes someone to read the question that I wrote, and recently, in the past week, I am trying not to do it.

January 27th, 2015