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hunterdoss99's avatar hunterdoss99 said

ok look im sorry but I’m not useing text speak i only did once. And i dont know why you guys are saying that I am being told i am when I’m not and I’m a straight A student in english and poetry class’s at my school so i do know when i period is suppose to be i dont know why you guy’s think i am useing txtspk when im not.


2 months ago

hunterdoss99's avatar hunterdoss99 said

wow this si the internet and im 14 so alot of people like me use txtspk and LOL and XD so u will not terminate my account because i have the right to put what i want to ask and i use commas and periods correctly so you must be mistaken good day meant for a non privatly msg

2 months ago

Jonesn4burgers's avatar Jonesn4burgers said

Thanks for clearing that up. I was feeling picked on, a bit. Now I see it from the angle as you’ve described. I’m glad you took the time to clear it up for me.

December 2nd, 2013


Okay, guess I needed bringing down a peg anyway, good to be humble. :)

August 16th, 2013

chyna's avatar chyna said

Congratulations on the mod job! I think you will do a great job.

August 3rd, 2013