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Are these normal activities for the Church of Latter-day Saints?

Asked by Seek (34769points) October 10th, 2010

Three years ago, I was coming home from some late-night grocery shopping. It must have been nine, nine-thirty PM. When I turned into my neighborhood, a car with no lights on turned on to the road behind me and followed me home. They stopped at the end of my driveway and looked in my mailbox. When I got out of my car, they shouted out the window, “Are you my mother-in-law’s name?” I said “Who’s asking?” They got out of the car and said “We’re from the church”. I closed my door, and called my husband.
They asked him if he was his father’s name. He asked how they knew his father, and there was a pretty lengthy discussion. They demanded to speak to my mother in law, tried to push past my husband to come to the door. The discussion ended with my husband threatening to let the dogs (who were not liking the fear and anger energy and were going apeshit) out if they didn’t leave our property immediately.

We later learned that his parents were once members of the Mormon church – back in 1972, in Illinois. We live in Florida. His parents have been divorced for almost 30 years.

Last night, at 8:30, there was a knock at the door.I was home alone – thought it was my husband coming home.
“Hello! Are you my mother in law’s name?”

“Are you from the Mormon church?”


“We’ve told you never to set foot on our property again.” * close door*

They sat out in my driveway for 15 minutes before driving off.

Is there any way I can get these people to leave us alone for good? Do I have to let a dog eat someone?

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Is there a Mormon church in your town you can call to confirm its members are the people coming to your house? You can ask them to stop, and follow up with a written request. Keep a copy, and document everything. If they show up at your house again, try to at least their their first names. Inform them you will call the police if they bother you again. Call the local police department to ask what steps you should take if they come to your home again.

Have you asked your in-laws why people from a Mormon church in another state would be trying to track them down? I have no idea if this is normal for Mormons or not.

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I have a friend who was a former Mormon, and no one has ever hunted her down.

That’s really creepy, and not normal. I would call the local Mormon church and ask why your in-laws are being stalked across state lines. Are you sure your in-laws were Mormons, and not some other sort of cult, and are just saying Mormons? Or that embezzlement of church funds wasn’t involved?

That behavior sounds like the FBI looking for someone.

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*Checks to make sure we are in social section….

…okay good.

Here’s what you need to do:
First, go to Wally World and buy a black robe in the bathroom section. Second, don said robe when the awkward little creepy Mormon kids show up, tell them that your mother in law’s name isn’t currently home, but Baphomet and Ba’al are available and would like to speak with them. Be sure you are lugging around one of your swords, too, for good measure.

If that doesn’t work, tell them you are going to call the po-po.

Failing that, buy an M1 Garand and ask yourself What Would Walt Clint Eastwood Do?

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Well, they were all wearing the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” nametags.

Supposedly my father in law was training at some point for the “Melchesdik” (sp? I’m writing phonetically, as I’ve never heard of it) priesthood before he decided they were all crazy and left.

I’ve received mail from the Church of Latter Day Saints addressed to my mother in law occasionally. It’s generally requests for tithes going back 38 years. Yeah, they’re sending her a bill for tithes.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I might have to drag out Anduril on them if they come back. It is really, really tempting.

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I had to google Anduril, and upon further review, I say you should DO IT

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Maybe they left but didn’t tell them they left, hence the bill collectors are showing up. I would take it up with your local chapter, and tell them that if it doesn’t stop, you’re either going to contact a lawyer or take it up with a talk show. People love to hate the Mormons. Being hounded for tithing for 38 years is pretty newsworthy.

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I’d talk to the in-laws and find out why they are bothering you, but mainly I’d just call the police next time they came knocking :) My Mormon friend said that’s weird and sounds fishy, either way it’s your house not your in-laws so they have no business coming there.

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If they have name tags it means they’re missionaries. The LDS church doesn’t send “bills” for tithes to anyone. Nobody knows how much you make, and paying tithing is up to you. This doesn’t sound like usual Mormon church behavior in my opinion. I know the LDS church tries to keep track of its members, especially those who are “less-active” and haven’t been to church in a long time. It seems like tracking people across states would be almost impossible without a forwarding address though. If you don’t want them back, they need to honor that request. I agree with Loried2008 as well. You’re not your in-laws or members of the church, so they shouldn’t be going through you to get to them..

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If I were the FBI or the CIA, or a hit man for the mob, I’d show up with fake LDS name tags, so you’d be lulled into thinking I was real. Just saying. Are you sure they’re not in the witness protection program?

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Contact your in laws and the local church. This is not normal behavior for the Mormon church.

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My friend who is Mormon has said that when she moved from one state to another the church tells her which local church she will now be a part of. It isn’t like other religions I guess where the individual visits some churches in their new city and decides what feels right. So, it doesn’t surprise me the Mormon churches would be very tied to each other and in communication with each other across the country.

I would contact the local church and tell them what happened. See if they can help you. If they are uncooperative you can get some sort of court order against them possibly? But, that sounds like a hassle. I definitely would start with the neighborly route of addressing it face to face with someone at the church, rather than the aggressive legal route.

If they aren’t Mormon from what the church can gather call the police next time. You of course can just call the police anyway.

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Invite them in for a short talk.
Remember, don’t offer them coffee, a soda, or a cigarette. And don’t swear.
But polygamy is cool.

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