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Is it a good idea for a pregnant woman to go to a "haunted house"?

Asked by Loried2008 (1998points) October 10th, 2010

I live in Alabama near the famous Sloss Furnace in Birmingham. Their website says it’s not recommended for pregnant women to go through but they won’t stop you. There’s no explanation as to why it’s not suggested so I don’t know how to weigh my options. I’ve never been to a place like this before but I really want to go. Does anyone have an idea as to why I shouldn’t go?

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Are you trying to terminate a pregnancy? Why would you just not wait until next year, and go when you’re not pregnant?

You could become frightened, trip and fall, and abort. The proprietors are not responsible for your actions once you go in there.

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I went to a haunted house when I was pregnant with my son, I got pushed into a wall by someone that got scared behind me. She was trying to push her way forward and get out of the haunted house. Luckily I turned to shield my belly from going into the wall, but it still hurt. The haunted house can’t really control how the people inside respond to what they see and you could easily get hurt if someone freaked out. There is also the possibility of scaring you badly enough that it could have an effect on your health and your baby.

I went to it because it was something we did every year. I had been through it many times and I knew nothing about it would scare me (I also knew the people that worked there). I never expected someone else to end up pushing me into a wall. I wouldn’t take the risk again being pregnant. I’d just save it as something to do next year.

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How can getting scared cause me to have a complication? I don’t understand that part. I do understand the risk of the other people. At Sloss you can go with a group of people that just you know and all the people that want to go with me are people who’ve been there before and are level headed so I’d feel safe with them.

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@Loried2008 It is possible to be scared to death. While it’s not common, undertaking a serious fright could affect your heart. Since your heart is currently working double time to circulate blood to you and your baby, the baby could also be affected if your heart rate is effected enough that it effects the blood flow to your baby. Since you’ve never been to this particular haunted house, you can’t know for sure how you will respond to what you see inside. Not to mention your instincts will most likely be heightened due to the pregnancy and the natural urge to protect your child.

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Here is the site It sounds like they are on outdoor trails. Since wheelchairs are not allowed, the paths may be a bit rough, particularly if it is dark. Since they do allow it, just use your own judgement. A lot of places are required to add a disclaimer in order to protect themselves from a lawsuit.

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@Pied_Pfeffer They have two trails. The outdoor trail is new and we were only planning to go through the inside one.

@Seaofclouds Really? I didn’t know that. I will be 35 weeks along at that point, so I figure health wise that might put me at risk for premature labor more than anything.

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@Loried2008 You would be at risk for premature labor as well if it shocked your system enough. It’s up to you in the long run, but I personally would wait to go next year.

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I worked in a haunted house last year, and unfortunately I would not recommend it. Mainly for you and your babies safety.
I say this because I was doing the poltergeist church scene, and with huge groups of people when you scare the shit out of them, they become unruly, and it can be very dangerous for all. But it might be safer to do a daytime haunted house where they have the lights on, and its not as scary but you can still have fun.

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There is a superstitious fear that if the mother is frightened, it will harm the baby. I don’t believe in this, but I do believe that extreme emotional trauma can harm the baby.

If you are entertained and not truly frightened by Haunted Houses, and other wise able to withstand the closed, dark surroundings, by all means go.

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